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Safely on holiday in the Netherlands with a VPN

If you're adventurous and like to travel, you probably don't have many free weekends at home. After all, nothing is more enjoyable than going out and discovering new places, tasting new dishes and trying new activities. 

Even within our own country you can discover and see an infinite amount. This destination is still relatively unknown to the Dutch, because it has a long coast with up to 255 km of dunes, islands, lakes, forests with nature trails, historic sights and lots of delicious Burgundian food. If you like crowds, there are amusement parks, music festivals and holiday parks full of activities.

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The dangers of a holiday in the Netherlands

The advantages of a holiday in your own country are that you don't have to worry about things like jet lag, food poisoning, dangerous wild animals or having your passport stolen. There is also little risk in our country for natural disasters and tropical diseases. 

Probably the biggest dangers of a holiday in the Netherlands are pickpockets in crowded places and cybercrime via public Wi-Fi networks. And of course the danger that you enjoy it so much that you don't want to go home anymore.

Cybercrime and Free Wifi-networks

We know that Wi-Fi networks are not secure. If you are not at home, you never know who else is connected to the same network and watching your internet traffic. The biggest problem with free Wi-Fi is that there could be a hacker between you and the connection point. Not a far-fetched idea, because anyone can do this.

With the name and password of a Wi-Fi network if necessary, someone can easily turn on the hotspot function of a phone or computer and give it the same name and password. Users search for the network, enter the password, and thus connect to this person's device. If it's a location with regular visitors, their devices may even connect automatically without them noticing. 

Hackers then use simple free software to track the internet traffic of these connected devices. From there, the possibilities are endless.

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Protect against cyber criminals

Where would hackers set these kinds of traps? Right, in the places where unsuspecting victims stay in the same place for extended periods and use their phones. Hotels, hostels, restaurants and coffee shops are places like this. Moreover, it is precisely there that you can easily find the data of a Wi-Fi network. Usually on a sign on the wall or on the menu. As a travel-loving visitor to these types of establishments, are you the next victim?

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Secure your internet traffic with a VPN

Whether you're traveling domestically or abroad, the dangers of cybercrime are everywhere when you use public Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, always use a VPN when you are not at home, where you have control over the network and the password.

A VPN is a virtual private network that encrypts all your internet traffic. Only the final destination can then decipher it. For example, it does not matter via which network your data is sent and who is watching. Hackers cannot see where it came from or what it contains.

About 16% of all internet users in the Netherlands already use VPN services. If you're still using free Wi-Fi in public places insecurely, then it's time you got a VPN too. It's very simple and only takes a few minutes to install and register:

  1. Choose a package from one of the reliable VPN services
  2. Register your email address and pay for the package 
  3. Download the app from the VPN service via the website, Google Play or the App Store
  4. Log in and connect. 

You can now surf safely anywhere via free WiFi networks and enjoy your holiday or weekend away carefree.

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