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The different accommodations you can book

Do you want to book a holiday, but are you still in doubt where you want to go to sleep? You have the choice to choose both in The Netherlands to sleep in different accommodations when abroad. You can bring your own, think of the tent, camper or caravan, but you can also go for an apartment, hotel or villa. Which option you choose depends entirely on your wishes and group.

To make it a bit easier for you to choose, you will find below the most booked accommodations that you can choose. Including the most given advantages and disadvantages of vacationers who have already used it. Then you can make a well-considered choice what best suits your holiday

Tent, camper or caravan

One swears by it, the other already shudders at the idea. Every year many holidaymakers go to the campsite with their tent, camper or caravan. So go camping! The number of campsites in the Netherlands has been decreasing slightly for a number of years, but there are still plenty to spend your holiday on. The advantages are great, on a campsite you have a lot of freedom, you are often close to or in nature and you often have a lot of fun with the surrounding campers.

One of the most frequently mentioned disadvantages of camping is that you are best challenged in bad weather – all the way in a tent. You also have to share your sanitary facilities with many other campers. By the way, having a toilet roll over the campsite has been an outdated idea for years. 


Do you just want your own place? Then you can of course always book a villa. Usually groups of friends do this and preferably for a sun and sea holiday. You can a rent a villa in Spain, Italy or, for example, in the increasingly popular Croatia† With a villa in the Netherlands you can of course enjoy all the beauty that our own country has to offer. The great advantage of having your own villa is already in the word 'own'. Most villas are a bit remote, which means you have a lot of freedom and no one can be disturbed (and you not from others).

The disadvantage is that some villas are so remote that you have to rent a car or van, otherwise you cannot get there. In addition, make sure you rent a villa from a professional provider. You do not want to run the risk of being misled and that your booked villa does not exist or is not rented out. 


You are fully equipped, after all your bed is even made, in a hotel you are really a guest. It is not without reason that some people enjoy choosing a hotel to spend their holidays. You even have hotels including food and drinks, the all-inclusive hotels. Then you literally don't have to think about anything, except to head to the buffet when you start to get hungry.

The big disadvantage of a hotel is that you often only have a room at your disposal (and therefore no own kitchen) and you have to take the household into account. A hotel is often chosen for weekends away and city ​​trips† All-inclusive are often groups of friends, especially abroad, such as in Turkey.

(Nature) park

We don't know whether it is something typically Dutch, but we have many holiday parks in the Netherlands in the middle of nature where you can rent a house, room or villa. By the water, on the Veluwe or in the 'mountains' of Limburg, you can find them everywhere. A big advantage is that you are fully equipped in such houses and that you often also have a large catering area in the park itself. So if you don't feel like cooking yourself, don't do it. The disadvantage is that, especially during the regular school holidays, the parks are fully booked and it can feel a bit oppressive.

Let the vacation start

We have briefly highlighted the various accommodations here. Now it's a matter of comparing and booking options. Think about what you want to do on holiday and whether the accommodation suits your group. Then the holiday really can't go wrong. Enjoy it!

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