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What are the benefits of a beach holiday?

If you still have to book a holiday, it is recommended to opt for a trip to French Polynesia, where you will first land on Tahiti† All international flights to this archipelago go to Tahiti. Then it is of course still possible to go to other islands of French Polynesia, for example to Bora Bora† Why this is recommended? Simply because a beach holiday is fantastic! Of course you don't have to go to French Polynesia for this, you can also go on the plane to Maui steps. After all, you will also find plenty of beaches on this Hawaiian island, so you can enjoy the benefits below. 

Good for your skin

Seawater has incredible qualities when it comes to natural healing. People who suffer from psoriasis and eczema often find that the mineral content of the ocean can radically improve the condition of their skin. But add to that the exfoliating properties of sand and the fact that the sun is the best way to ensure we get our daily dose of vitamin D, and a beach holiday is guaranteed to leave you glowing, inside and out.

Boost for your mood

Who doesn't think the regular crashing of the waves is the perfect melody to fall asleep or help you disconnect from everyday life? We probably didn't need research to prove that there's no better antidote to stress than the sea, but a study conducted by Michigan State University found that those who spend more time around large bodies of water experienced fewer feelings of psychological distress. They also often feel mentally relaxed. In addition, sunshine can really affect your mood, so a beach holiday is good for your mood anyway.


Get an adrenaline rush

Fancy a more active holiday? Pick a destination where you can test the water with a new seaside sport. Surf in the fishing village that has become the surfer's paradise of Taghazout, Morocco's premier wave-surfing destination, or try the precarious but exciting combination of stand-up paddle boarding and yoga on a beach getaway that skims through Puerto Rico's mangrove swamps. You could also learn to wind or kite surf, go sailing or even flyboarding, which is the latest craze for seaside thrills. Of course you can in principle also do this in the Netherlands, but in the abroad everything is more fun of course.

Higher sense of health and well-being

There's a reason Victorian doctors swore a seaside holiday could cure all ailments. The University of Exeter in the United Kingdom examined the effects of coastal life and found that ocean dwellers have a higher sense of health and well-being. You don't even have to go to the beach for a long time, just a short trip to the sea can bring similar benefits. Researchers think this trend has to do with the fact that you exercise more when you're on the coast.

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