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Working from paradise, something for you?

Traveling is a dream for many people. Not only as a holiday, but also as a lifestyle. The digital nomad is a good example of this. A new way of working that is location independent. This is possible from Lapland to Lisbon. And on every subtropical island where there is wifi and electricity. Working from paradise, who doesn't want that? 

It is a dream for many people: traveling and working at the same time. The digital nomad is a term that is used for this. With a laptop, electricity and WiFi you can go a long way. You work online and earn your money while discovering a piece of the world. This is called location-independent working. That can be anywhere and especially warmer places are a popular place for that. Working from under an umbrella on a beach, from an apartment on an island or a sailboat in a bay. It's all possible.  

Digital nomad must take good care of themselves

Actually, it is not a profession, but a lifestyle and you should be able to do that. It is good to delve into practical matters beforehand, such as the options for living elsewhere and how best to insure yourself. In addition, you must ensure that you have your own business, win enough assignments and can work independently. After all, you must be able to provide for your livelihood. Taking good care of yourself is therefore an important value to be able to live as a digital nomad. 

That means not only that you somehow manage to earn your money, but that you are also fit and happy. If you don't like the job, you won't be able to do it even on a tropical island. And if you don't stay fit enough, you can write the travel on your stomach. It simply requires a good condition, focus and a positive mindset. 

Handy travel yoga mat keeps you fit everywhere

It is not for nothing that many digital nomads take part in sports while travelling, at a great location of course. A sport that they can perform in all possible places, such as hiking and running. Here too, the following applies: you don't need much and you can do it anywhere. With a pair of running or trail shoes you are already there. Yoga is also a way to stay fit and focused. All you need is a yoga mat and loose-fitting clothing. a handy one travel yoga mat is then an outcome. Easy to carry and always at hand. 

Anyone who gives meaning to his (working) life in this way can go round the world. They are often bloggers, writers, graphic designers, photographers and marketing consultants who design their working week in this way. Somewhere in the world. It is a conscious choice to live that way, but more and more people are doing it. Not only young people, but certainly also people over fifty who are turning things around and world moving in. Freedom and the world beckon. 

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