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Hello Americans!
Hello Americans!

Dear Americans, send us a message!

Did you see the Wereldreizigers.nl camper driving, parking or camping somewhere in the United States or Canada? You can send us a message! Here are some examples why you would want to:

  • Simply just to send us your greetings;
  • To give us some advice on where to stay or what to eat or go see;
  • To ask us a question.

Send us a message via E-mail or via Facebook Messenger.

We will try to reply as soon as possible!

About us

We are Chris and Malou. Born and raised in the Netherlands and we love to travel!

Chris is the proud owner of this travel website which receives about 150.000 travel-enthusiastic readers every month from the Netherlands and Belgium alone. Not bad for a country that only has 18 million inhabitants!

Did you know?: that one of the first questions Americans ask us, is what'Wereldreizigers.nl'means?

The answer is: World travelers are people that travel the world. 'World' means world and 'travellers' means travelers in Dutch. The .nl is simply our country's internet domain, dot NL.

And did you know what you can TRANSLATE any page of this website, using the translate button at the top of the page? Now you do!

Malou and I have seen many countries over the years. In 2021, during the Covid pandemic, we've decided to buy a 4×4 camper and made plans to travel through the United States (9 months) and Canada (3 months). We've shipped our camper to the US and we are currently on the road… Yee-haw!

And, while traveling, we write to our readers about our wonderful adventures in your beautiful country… We hope to bring joy, share wonderful travel stories and pictures and hopefully inspire others to do the same!

Our travel plans

We are currently on the road. In March we started off in New York City without our camper, because it was still in transit (with 23 days of delay!). While waiting for it to arrive we've also visited Annapolis MD and Washington DC. At the end of March 2022 we've picked our camper up in Baltimore. After picking up our 4×4 camper we went south and visited Savannah, St. Augustine, Amelia City and lots of other places on the east coast all the way down to Miami and the most southern point, Key West.

After Florida we drove to the west and just before we hit Texas we went north all the way through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana hitting lots of National Parks before we entered Canada in Alberta.

We went back to the US in September by taking the ferry from Vancouver Island, Canada to Washington State, USA.

So if you have any suggestions what to see, do or eat, please send us a message!

Below you can find a rough plan of the route that we are driving.

Red Level = March, April, May (2022)
Green = June, July, August (2022)
Orange = September, October, November (2022)
Purple = December, January, February (2022-2023)
Yellow = Lovely Americans that invited us for a beer at their home or elsewhere

In this article we will tell you more about how we´ve planned our trip (and here why and how we modified it along the way), and all the help we've received from your fellow Americans from the Overland USA travel group.

Below is the list of USA blogs that we have written so far.

PS. This page is not updated with every new blog. Please see the United States and Canada pages for the latest articles!

Also please be aware that the articles on the website are originally written in Dutch. However, the blue translate button at the top of the page might help you, you can translate any page into 10 different languages. Give it a go! please note that the automatic translation will not always be perfect…

Luckily photos don't need any descriptions, so we hope you enjoy them after all.

Our 4×4 truck camper

So how do we travel? In our good old 2003 Mitsubishi L200 4×4 truck camper of course! It is a simple and small vehicle (for American standards), but incredibly tough. If you would like to know more about our 4×4 truck camper you can read these articles.

Sponsor us

So, are we asking for money? Are we poor? But if you appreciate what we are doing you can sponsor a small amount. We would love it even more if you combine your donation/sponsorship with a personal message!

For example; you want us to grab a cup of coffee in your favorite cafe in town, and you're donating a few dollars to do so. Or just buy a few gallons of diesel to get somewhere because jeez, those prices are skyrocketing aren't they!?

And yes, to keep this website online forever.

Show us some love! ❤️ You can donate within seconds by using this Bunq banking link with a payable solution ? of your choice, or use the PayPal button below!

PS. Don't forget to add a personal message!



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