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Hurrah! We are ad free!

Yes, you read that right! From today April 28, 2021 is Wereldreizigers.nl excluding affiliate links and sponsored posts, free of advertising. It is a difficult but very conscious choice. We have faith in our product (a cool website full of travel tips and travel knowledge), and of course in our readers who will hopefully support us through 'buy me a coffee' donations.

Why no more advertising?

The honest answer is that we just hate all those intrusive popups and advertising banners. And we're pretty sure we're not the only ones who find it annoying. It all starts with the cookies.. You know, that annoying cookie pop-up that is unfortunately required by law in the Netherlands. And then you scroll on… and between each paragraph you get an annoying flashing advertising banner on your screen with products that you once searched or that advertisers want you to see.

If you've just started reading, a banner suddenly pops up from the bottom up on your phone… and another 'sign up' pop-up… and another commercial break, and another, and another.

Super annoying, isn't it?

We think so too. So let's just stop it!

Leave your readers alone

Under the motto 'Leave your readers alone', we promise to leave you alone from now on. We will not ask you every time you visit us if you want to subscribe to our newsletter. We are not going to bombard you with flashy banners anymore and we promise to disturb you as little as possible while reading our blogs. Promise!

How do you earn money then?

What we still earn money from are the so-called paid blogs, or Advertorials. These are easier to recognize on the website because they are labeled as 'sponsored'.

Sometimes we write a blog on behalf of a customer, for example a webshop, which contains a link to their website. These blogs are generally informative and intended to actually inform you, which is a requirement. However, there is a commercial character behind it, because of course there is a link to a website or webshop.

In addition, you will find on Wereldreizigers.nl every now and then affiliate links to webshops such as bol.com and websites such as Skyscanner or booking.com. When you book something through these affiliate links, we receive a (very small) amount, a small percentage of your purchase. It is a kind of profit sharing with the seller. You will not notice anything of this, your purchase amount will therefore not become more expensive.

Don't you miss a lot of income without advertising banners and pop-ups?

Yes, we are definitely missing out on a large part of our revenue by omitting banners, popups, and ads. It concerns hundreds of euros per month. However, we hope to partly collect this amount through voluntary donations, in other words a cup of coffee!

We now know (8 months later) that donations by definition yield a lot less money than the advertisements, but we like to take the difference for granted. This website is intended to inform and inspire, and not to make a lot of profit with it.

Of course we need money to keep our heads above water. We use this money, for example, to occasionally reward bloggers and pay the server costs. We sincerely hope that when you have really benefited from an article, you show your appreciation.

How can I support you then?

You can simply support us by buying us a 'cup of coffee' every now and then. In various blogs we have added a piece of text, as shown below. Did the article help you? Have you saved a nice place to visit? Then donate a cup of coffee!

If you do this (ad-free.) to appreciate the article, donate a cup of coffee! ☕ Via our iDeal payment link you can donate a small amount within a minute.

With a little something you keep us awake and the website ad-free. Thanks in advance! ?


Via the payment link you can simply make a small donation with your own banking app or internet banking. For you it is a few euros and 30 seconds of work, for us it is vital. Can't do without you Wereldreizigers.nl namely do not exist in its current form ❤️


  • Xenia, Ilse and Tinus I would like to thank you very much for the nice words! We are now a year later and I do not regret this choice for a moment.

    I see around me (at other travel blogs) the sentiment slowly but surely changing. There too I see that people are showing fewer and fewer advertisements.

  • I've been visiting your website for quite some time when I'm planning another vacation or just want to dream away for a while... and I had never noticed it before. But now that I know it, I really notice! Just scroll through articles without all those annoying advertising banners. While scrolling on your mobile, you often accidentally click on something that suddenly lands you on the website of one or another advertiser. Horribly irritating. Great that you choose not to do it here, I can only appreciate that and that's why I sent a little something your way via the link. Keep it up!

  • What a relief. And as a returning reader, you have certainly earned a cup of coffee from me!

  • Analytics is free for a reason: you pay through the visitor data you provide.

    Alternatives that are better for privacy cost a little bit, but they're not that bad.

    First, look at how many pages within analytics you actually view/use. There are probably fewer than you think. Basically you don't need to know as much as GA measures…. Unless you're doing all kinds of fancy stuff like running ads to drive traffic or doing remarketing.

    Plausible is a good alternative for basic information. Especially if you also serve the measuring cookie as your own cookie instead of a 3rd party cookie.

    Or take a look at Fathom.

  • Yes that's right, here and there I see more and more blogs that do it. A positive development! And I am indeed looking at another analytical system, only the ones are often very expensive… Google Analytics is a good free solution for now.

  • Some blogs have been doing it this way for years. ?
    Now switch to an analytical system that is better for the privacy of your readers.

  • very irritating all those popups indeed very nice that you set a good example in this

  • Hopefully other websites will follow your example, this is very cool!

  • I can appreciate this. Just sent a cup of coffee your way!



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