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Traveling with VW T3 bus camper (3) | La Punta and Chacahua, Mexico

After the first week of studying was over, it was time for a city trip. And to Chacahua (thanks to the teacher for a detailed route description 😅)! Not to be confused with Chupacabra (mythical beast in Central AmericaThis has been happening to me for a week now.

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Also read: Traveling with VW T3 bus camper (3) | La Punta and Chacahua, Mexico


Lake Chacahua (location here ) is known for the so-called bioluminescence. It is a trip of a few hours with different 'collectivos'. These are vehicles; pick-ups, vans, boats, etc. The cost of which is in principle divided by the number of occupants. Instinctively always just a little more for the tourists 🤪.

Once at the lake we found a cabana to sleep, probably again for too much money. Luckily the woman did something about it when I said in Spanish it was 'a bit cheap'. We understood each other.

We were warned about the mosquitoes and rightly so. On the way to the center, which was about a 10-minute walk, we were completely stabbed. +1 for Deet.

After seeing the sunset we had booked a tour on the lake in the evening. For what we thought 400 pesos, this turned out to be 500, we went through the numbers again after this 🙃.

We had chosen the right weekend, because it was the new moon. This made it darkest at night and allowed us to see the light of the lake even better. Unfortunately, it was not possible to photograph it. But imagine that every drop of water or splash gives light! Behind and down the side was a great stream of tiny lights! When you went swimming in the water you saw all kinds of lights before your eyes and fish that swim through the water or make a jump, have a string of luminous water behind them. This can pass as 'magical'! 

Sunset Chacahua
Chacahua, Mexico | Sunset

Release Turtles

oh! And we did something good for the animals. We sent Juan and Pablo into the wide world (our baby 🐢). Time goes so fast.. one moment you get to know them, the next moment you have to let them go.

Chacahua, Mexico | release turtle
Chacahua, Mexico | release turtle

The stairs of La Punta

We have been here for a week and a half now Mexico and become more and more accustomed to it. We have to be careful not to get too used to one place. That will soon be different once we are united with our camper Karel.

The local hippies sometimes refer to it as 'The trap of La Punta', which means that a lot of the residents came here for a holiday and have been hippies here for years now. That won't happen to us, although we have just booked another week for the second time 🤪 (Purely for the Spanish lessons and because we have to wait for Karel). Okay, few new places, but a lot has been done and learned!

Life on La Punta

  • We watch the sunset (almost) every evening, followed by a collective applause from everyone on the beach. Because yes, it's great that the sun does that every day. 
  • Which brings me to point two; I don't think school is normal here. We sometimes play a game with our Spanish teacher, when he rolls 5 and 3 he has to count up hard to find that it is 8. Our receptionist has extended our breakfast ticket to the following date: 1th of 8th of may (I didn't know that one yet). And the tide changes 6 a.m. after noon. That's 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 hours. Well, they don't use the clock much here anyway, so maybe that's why. 
  • We have another lesson in salsa dancing. 
  • We watch the fireman on the beach and give him money as a thank you for splashing gasoline on us.  
  • We occasionally participate in yoga class here and it was still quite relaxed 🤢 
  • Dieke makes more animal friends 
  • I spot more future carts (don't tell Dieke) 
  • And if there is time, we also make friends (with animals). 
Rob's hobby
Rob's hobby

Other experiences

  • Mexicans here in the southern part are small. Apparently they don't need legroom. 
  • Although traveling with the 'collectivos' is cheap, driving with Karel is cheaper 🙂 
  • Taxistas (drivers) are happy to give their number so you can call them if you need a taxi again. (Ramon our tuctuc driver is a hero by racing after a taxi with us so we could get back to Puerto ) 
Tall Dutchman in a small Mexican Taxi
Tall Dutchman in a small Mexican Taxi
The tuk-tuk hero in Mexico
The tuk-tuk hero in Mexico
Sunset Puerto Escondido
Sunset Puerto Escondido

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Also read: Traveling with VW T3 bus camper (3) | La Punta and Chacahua, Mexico

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Dieke and Rob

Flight behaviour?! maybe.. who goes to the other side of the world with a rickety VW van? So we! We, Rob, Dieke 👫 and the VW Syncro camper 🚐 called Karel de Grote (our first bus was called Karel and you guessed it; this one is bigger) choose to drive from Mexico 🇲🇽🌴 to Uruguay 🇺🇾 and we like it until to date, (almost) completely top!

Seen a mistake? Ask? Remark? Let us know in the comments!

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Dieke and Rob



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