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Israel | The most beautiful nature reserves and national parks

Now that it's winter and the temperature is in Israel pleasant, it is the perfect time to discover Israel's pristine nature. The green north, the desert in the south... Israel's nature is diverse and easy to reach through cities such as Tel Aviv en Jerusalem. Ideal for those who want to combine their holiday with a walk or other activity in nature. We have the most beautiful nature reserves and National parks listed below.

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1. Hula Nature reserve

The Hula Nature Reserve (Location here ) is a very important area for waterfowl, lies on the global migratory route and is one of the most important wet habitats in the Middle East. The reserve is mainly characterized by both migratory and wintering birds, of which the pelicans and cranes, which spend the winter months here, are the most important.

The Hula Reserve is not only the first nature reserve in the world Israel, but also the place where the most extensive conservation, restoration and restoration activities have been carried out over the past 50 years. The Hula area has different habitats, which differ from each other by the amount of water and the character of the vegetation.

Hula Nature Reserve
Hula Nature Reserve

Since the original lake was drained, preserving the habitats is a conscious and artificial activity. This work ensures the existence of a variety of aquatic landscapes, such as channels with shallow water on the west side of the lake, wet meadow, a shallow marsh rich in aquatic plants and birds, and pools with spring water.

2. And Avdat National Park

in the middle of the Negev desert has the Tsinstream carved a deep and impressive gorge. There is an oasis and a stream that flows all year round. This is And Avdat National Park (Location here ) – an important habitat for ibexes and vultures.

And Avdat National Park
And Avdat National Park

The national park has three springs – And Ma'arif (at the foot of the upper waterfall), And Avdat (in the middle of the canyon), and And Mor (where the gorge opens into Tsin valley).

And Avdat oasis is one of the most beautiful in Israel. Due to its size and location in the heart of the desert, the oasis is an important habitat for desert animals such as ibexes. The canyon's steep and inaccessible cliffs are prime breeding grounds for vultures in the Negev. In addition to animals and water, En Avdat National Park also contains archaeological remains of the monks' settlements.

3. Akhziv National Park

Blue bays and rocky gorges, sandstone ridges and rare plants, sea turtle nesting grounds and the remains of the biblical city Akhziv. The Akhziv National Park (Location here ) is located on the Mediterranean Sea, about 5 km north of nahariya.

Akhziv National Park
Akhziv National Park

In the summer, the female hawksbill turtle and the green sea turtle lay their eggs. Coastal vegetation is affected by the salt spray carried by the wind and only plants that are resistant to salt spray can survive here.

Many of the coastal plants bloom in the summer evenings when there is a regular and steady wind regime that allows insects to visit and pollinate the flowers. West of are the islands Nahlieli, Shahaf en Akhziv – which are actually the tops of a submerged sandstone ridge. On the island Nahli'Feli gulls and terns nest.

4. Gamla Nature Reserve

The Gamla Nature Reserve (Location here ) has a rare combination of nature and landscape as well as a fascinating historical story. The reserve is located in the central Golan Heights.

Gamla is one of the most important ornithological sites in the world Israel, thanks to the rich and seasonal variety of birds and birds of prey, including some rare species. Gamla is home to the largest and most diverse breeding colony of birds of prey in Israel.

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Gamla Nature Reserve
Gamla Nature Reserve

The nature reserve also contains many species of mammals and unique and rare species of fish and amphibians. Many animals make their home in the Gamla Nature Reserve and about 260 species of vertebrates have been observed.

There are several habitats in the reserve including wooded plateaus covered with flowers in spring, slopes, cliffs and stream beds, where aquatic plants and riparian vegetation grow.

If you want to read more about Israel's nature reserves and national parks, the English language website of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

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