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Netanya | The Israeli Riviera

The city of white beaches, good food, attractions and excellent hotels. Netanya (Location here ) is a real seaside resort where you as a tourist can find a lot of entertainment and culture: from cafes, restaurants and shopping centers, to a lively market, cinemas, art galleries and various open-air events and festivals that are held in the summer.

Netanya by Dana Friedlander
Netanya by Dana Friedlander

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The beach

Considered by many to be the Israeli Riviera, Netanya attracts tourists all year round due to its sunny white beaches and beautiful promenades. The city has 13,5 kilometers of white beaches and various activities are held: surfing, beach volleyball, sand football and paragliding. For those who prefer to relax and absorb some vitamin D from the famous Israeli sun, there are beaches like Blue bay beach, Zanz Beach, Onot Beach, Amphi Beach, Herzel Beach and the famous Pole Beach.

Pole Beach | Netanya
Pole Beach | Netanya


Netanya also has a number of beautifully designed and well-maintained promenades, such as the Hamelachim promenade, the Nizza promenade and the Rishonim promenade. This series of boardwalks is the longest of its kind in Israel and is also part of the national hiking trail.”Shvil Israel".

The westernmost part of the city is built on a sandstone ridge that stretches from north to south and is at an elevation of 25 to 45 meters above sea level. The height difference between the beach and the built-up part of the city creates an excellent opportunity to stay in a unique landscape that can be found elsewhere in Israel cannot be found. Some of the most popular areas are on the coast and the balconies on the high floors offer views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Netanya by Dana Friedlander
Netanya by Dana Friedlander

Culinary and culture

Furthermore, as a city of immigrants, Netanya offers a variety of restaurants to choose from: from street food and budget eateries to high end restaurants. There is also the Netanya market, which is considered one of the most beautiful and colorful markets in Israel. All kinds of fruits and vegetables alongside various baked goods and breads, as well as well-known restaurants, butchers and fishmongers, clothing stores and fragrant spices give the market a lively and authentic character. In addition, the city also has impressive museums and galleries such as The WellHouse, Cliff gallery. Then Museum of Yemenite Jewish Heritage and the Beit Hagdudim (Jewish Legion) Museum.

Sironit Beach | Netanya
Sironit Beach | Netanya


The weather in Netanya is sunny almost all year round. The summer months are hot and humid and the winter months are mild. Some nice hotels are The LagoonNetanya, Hotel Seasons en Hotel Residence Beach. Finally, in the last ten years, almost 20.000 people have been out France moved to Netanya, so don't be surprised if you hear a lot of French on the street or on the beach!

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