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Vegan Travelers beware! † The best country for vegans is Israel

Vegan travelers can indulge themselves in Israel where Tel Aviv in particular is home to many vegan restaurants. The Mediterranean city was even named “The World's Best Vegan Destination” by The Daily Meal. A walk through the city will take you to countless vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, bistros and fast-food stalls.

Not only Tel Aviv is ideal for vegan travelers, there are plenty of vegan restaurants throughout Israel. Many restaurants in the country have switched to a completely plant-based offering, with their own twist on local delicacies such as vegan falafel and vegan shawarma. As a result, vegan travelers do not have to worry about whether they can eat well in other parts of Israel.

Below you will find a selection of the most popular vegan restaurants in Israel.

GreenRoll in Tel Aviv

Green Roll is Israel's first 100% vegan sushi restaurant with delicious sushi in addition to other Asian dishes.

To me in Tel Aviv

Located in the heart of the exclusive Rothchild Boulevard, Bana is 100% vegan. The menu depends on the season and changes daily.

Green cat in Tel Aviv

Green Cat Pizzeria was founded just a few years ago as the first 100% vegan restaurant of its kind and has since grown into a hotspot for vegans.

Imbala in Jerusalem 

Imbala is a cultural center where feminists, queer and activists, among others, come together and is run by its members. The kitchen is 100% vegan.

Shakti in Beersheva

Shakti is 100% vegan and has a different menu every day. The restaurant has a homely atmosphere.

Beit Hatamar in Arava

Quiches, salads, soups and stews are cooked fresh every day at Beit Hatamar. Everything is 100% vegetable.

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Israel's involvement in plant-based products can also be seen in the many vegan food-tech startups in the country. For example, startup Redefine Meat makes meat products with a 3D printer and startup Plantish is involved in making vegetable fish. For vegan travelers who prefer to cook, there are many vegan products to be found in the local supermarkets.

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