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Top 10 tips for bucket list destination Petra in Jordan

Petra is of course indispensable during your trip through Jordan† It is truly breathtaking bucket list destination and most likely the highlight of your trip! In this article I give you tips for Petra that ensure that you can start your Petra adventure as prepared as possible.

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10 Tips for Petra in Jordan

1. Buy a Jordan Pass when you want to visit Petra

We have purchased the Jordan Pass with 2 days of Petra. You pay for this pass 75 JD which is about €95. This seems like a big purchase, but luckily you can get this amount in no time! For a visa for Jordan you pay € 50 (valid for 30 days) and for 2 days Petra you pay € 69. The Jordan Pass is therefore definitely worth purchasing! Besides your visa and Petra, the Jordan Pass gives you access to about 40 attractions in Jordan. Moreover, it works faster at entrances because you no longer have to purchase tickets, the disadvantage is that you always have to have your passport with you.

Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

The Jordan pass is for sale here on the official website of the Ministry of Tourism in Jordan.

2. Allow 2 days for Petra

You can also choose to visit Petra for 1 or 3 days. In my opinion 1 day is way too short and 3 days would be too much for me. 2 days is perfect! In terms of costs, there is quite little difference and it is nice to be back in your hostel during the hottest part of the day. We walked for 2 days from 06.00:12.00 to about XNUMX:XNUMX and were able to see the main sights without having to rush.

Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

3. Don't forget your passport

Perhaps the most important tip for Petra. Whether you want to go to Petra with the Jordan Pass or buy a separate ticket at the entrance. In both cases you need your passport. So make sure you didn't get up so early for nothing!

4. Get up very early for TheTreasury

Petra opens at 06.00 Hours and it is advisable to stand at the entrance at exactly that time with your ticket to hand. Once you're inside, you'll have to walk for about another 20 minutes before you get to 'The Treasury' arrives.

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Getting there early definitely pays off in Petra!
Getting there early definitely pays off in Petra!

It is remarkable to see how few people do the same and that is of course only a good thing, because this way you can have Petra (almost) all to yourself! The experience is also so much more special. we came around 11.00 Hours back at 'The Treasury' and saw hundreds of people, camels, donkeys, sellers walking together.

The Treasury, Petra, Jordan at 06:20am
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan at 06:20am
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan at 11:00am
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan at 11:00am

5. Go without a guide

It is no need to take a guide in Petra. The routes are well marked and if you stick to these routes it is really impossible to get lost.

6. Watch a documentary beforehand

Be your own guide! Before your visit to Petra, watch documentaries on YouTube so that you are fully prepared and learn more about the history of this wonder of the world. More than 2000 years ago for a people called the Nabateans lived here. The Nabateans carved houses, tombs and temples out of the rocks en masse and because Petra was the junction for several trade routes, the city was very rich. There were no more than stones and rocks. So how did the Nabateans get water? How did they build the tombs so high? I've watched a few documentaries and I liked this one the best! Have fun!

7. Do not use a camel, horse or donkey

All over the internet you can read at tips for Petra that you can take a nice ride on a camel, horse or donkey. When you enter Petra they immediately try to 'sell' a ride on a horse or donkey. They say this is free (included with your ticket to Petra) and that is absolutely not true. It's just a way of being ignorant to trap tourists† When you take them there the Siq (1 km) they charge a huge tip for taking you there. Don't you? Then you won't just get away.

Camel at Petra, Jordan
Camel at Petra, Jordan

However, it was nice and quiet at 06.00 in the morning because then all these sellers are still sleeping well.. another reason to get up early! Many animal rides are also offered at and after The Treasury and I advise you not to take advantage of this. I've had to see that several times animals badly treated were (beaten) and when something was said about it they did nothing about it.

8. Go straight to the Monastery

The most beautiful places of Petra are: Siq, The Treasury, the Royal Tombs, and the Monastery, When you visit Petra on the first day, I advise you to go straight to the Monastery after The Treasury. In all cases, you first walk past The Treasury and on the way to the Monastery you see so many beautiful things! However, don't be tempted, but watch everything at your leisure when you walk back.

We did this and that ensured that we were all alone at the Monastery. It is a very beautiful road that you take and the Monastery is surrounded by beautiful surroundings. It might even be nicer than The Treasury! It is about 1,5 hours walking and get ready for a lot of stairs. But it's all worth it!

The Monastery, Petra, Jordan
The Monastery, Petra, Jordan

9. Bring food & drink

You can basically buy food and drinks everywhere in Petra, but it is of course a lot more expensive than outside the area. It is therefore recommended to plenty of water, some snacks and a lunch to bring along.

At the wooden huts (on the left in the photo) you can buy food & drinks
At the wooden huts (on the left in the photo) you can buy food & drinks

10. Put on good shoes

An important one in the list of tips for Petra: Prepare for a lot of walking. Therefore pull good shoes at! The trails are quite 'rocky' and I was very happy that I had brought my hiking shoes.

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  • I also went to Petra by night, I thought it was very impressive! You walk through the Siq, which is lit by candlelight, and there are also candles in front of the Treasury.

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