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Do you want to meet a culture that is thousands of years old? Then Oman is a fabulous country to go to. Oman is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula and has a partly Portuguese background. After Oman became part of the Ottoman Empire, the country was led by a sultan. Even the current sultan is still a direct descendant of this ruler. You can also still easily speak a word of English because the British founded a protectorate here until the 70s. Always useful. Oman is probably best known for its oil industry which is still an important source of income.

Fairytale Muscat

The capital of Oman is the beautiful city of Muscat. Walk around in the district of the same name and you will immediately see the splendor of this special country. The royal palace, the grand mosque and colorful streets show the characteristic image of an Arab city in bloom. Other interesting towns are Ibra with its lively market (Souq), Nizwa with the nearby fortress of Jabrin and Bahla.

Nature of Oman

If you want to get away from the cities, go to Wadi Shab, a beautiful nature reserve. Here you will find rocks, waterfalls and caves. An even larger cave system can be found 100 km south of Muscat. The largest cave room is called Majlis al Jinn, with an area of ​​330 m by 225 m. The ceiling reaches no less than 120 m in height. There are also many archaeological sites such as excavations at Bat, Al-Khutm, Al-Ayn and Samad Al-Shan. A camel safari through the arid desert is of course a must in this unique country.

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