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VANLIFE | Review Allpowers S2000 – 1500wh solar power station

Having access to electricity is something you hardly think about at home. Yet almost every device that we use both at home and outside is completely dependent on electricity. Almost everything needs electricity. From your smartphone to your hair dryer and maybe even your toothbrush; these devices require a reliable power source to operate. Even when you are travelling.

Especially if you do a lot of wild camping, it #vanlife already experience life or a you are building a camper van, you will have to think carefully about you power supply. Many of you have solar panels on the roof of your vehicle for that reason, so that you also have electricity at your disposal without any facilities. But how do you store all that energy? And what can you effectively do with it? In this article we take a closer look at the solar power station from Allpowers, the S2000. This device has an electricity storage of 1500wh and can be charged via solar panels, among other things.

About the Allpowers S2000

The S2000 is a solar power station from the brand Allpowers. Allpowers is a well-known Chinese manufacturer of high-end batteries and power stations. The name S2000 is based on the continuous power of the device, namely 2000 watts. The S2000 has a built-in inverter and charge controller and is therefore not to be confused with a 'regular' lithium-ion battery. It is with all connectors and options and a full-fledged power station for at home or on the road.

Specifications in brief

First of all, it is good to know what we are dealing with by looking at the official specifications. In short, the Allpowers S2000 has 4x 230v outputs (sockets) for electrical appliances with a peak power of 4000 watts and 2000 watts continuous. Enough power to supply 99% of household appliances with power.

In addition, the device has 4 USB-A outputs, 2 USB-C outputs and 1 x 12v Auto output for charging all kinds of other devices.

Official Specs (List)

Battery capacity405405mAh (1500Wh)
4x AC output2000W continuous, 4000W peak power
4x USB A output5V3.5A/9V2.5A/12V2A
2x USB C output5V/9V/12V/15V/20V 5A PD 100W
1x Auto output 13V10A
1x AC input400W (100V-240V)
1x Solar input500W (12-70V, 18A max)
Dimensions37,5 x 24,5 x 25 centimeters
Weight 14,5 kg / 32 lbs

Review Allpowers S2000 power station

Size, weight and dimensions

Of the three high-end power stations that we now own, the Allpowers S2000 is the most compact and, at only 14,5 kilos, also by far the lightest in terms of weight. Below you can see how the device compares in size to my 23 inch PC monitor and the two other power stations I tested, the EcoFlow Delta Max and the Anchor 767 (review coming soon).

The compact size is a big advantage because portability is of course very important, especially for those who want to use it when traveling and camping. The Allpowers S2000 easily fits somewhere in your car or in a cupboard and its compact size makes it generally easier to hide in a vehicle, for example a camper van.

Build quality and protection

The housing of the Allpowers S2000 is made of hardened plastic and is visibly built to withstand a beating. The two sturdy handles on the top also make it easy to move the device. They did that really well.

The corners are noticeably extra reinforced so that the device can take a beating. A nice extra is that the Allpowers S2000 comes with a free water and dust-repellent protective cover. I have not yet seen this with other brands of power stations, you usually have to order them yourself at an additional cost…

Charging the Allpowers S2000

Charging the Allpowers S2000 can be done in three ways. The first, most obvious way is via the 100-230v connector on the back. There you can charge the device via the socket, for example at home or at the campsite. The maximum charging capacity is then 400 watts, which is a bit disappointing.

Remark: What makes the Allpowers S2000 unique is that you can also charge according to the American standard (110v). This makes the device extremely suitable for overlanders who also want to travel to North America. This distinguishes the Allpowers S2000 from the competition.

Via the XT60 connector on the front you can connect solar panels of up to 500 watts directly to the device to charge it. One cable is included for this. If you want to connect multiple solar panels, that is also possible, but you will have to connect them yourself first. Please note that you do not exceed the maximum solar panel charging capacity of 500 watts.

Finally, there will also be one 12V car charger plug supplied with an XT60 connector. This is a very handy option because you can also charge the device via the lighter in your car on the go, if you need it.

The loading time of the Allpowers S2000 is a bit disappointing if you compare it with the competition. Charging via the solar panels takes 500 to 3 hours at full solar power of 4 watts. This takes about 400 to 4 hours via the socket with 5 watts. What is special is that you can also charge in combination (230v + solar panels), which means that the combined total charging capacity is 900 watts. Full charging can then be done in about 1,5 hours.

Tip:: Those who want to install the Allpowers S2000 in, for example, a camper van, can also choose to slightly modify the XT60 connector by connecting it directly to an existing household battery, with a small switch in between. Then you no longer have to touch the cables and you can simply check the charging via the switch. We have built two power stations into our motorhome in this way. Charging is not very fast this way (roughly 120 watts at 12v).

Connecting devices and service life

In addition to the 2000wh battery, the Allpowers S1500 power station also has a built-in inverter of no less than 2000 watts with a peak power of 4000 watts. Those are big numbers. However, don't expect miracles from the time the device can run at such a huge power. Don't get me wrong, you can really camp off-grid for days with this if you pay a little attention to what you're doing with the device.

To give you an idea of ​​how long this battery will last using everyday electrical appliances, I ran some simple tests, from a laptop to induction cooking.

  • High-end gaming laptop (+- 120 watts): 15 hours
  • Kettle (2000 watts): 45 min
  • Cooking on induction (1800 watts): 1 hour
  • Washing machine (1000 watts): 1,5 hours
  • 12v thermal cool box (55 watts): 25 hours
  • Dolce Gusto coffee maker (600 watt): 40 to 60 cups of coffee

Remark: We now have a year of full-time experience with the use of power stations in our camper. Our experience shows that especially the use of devices that are constantly on, such as a thermal cool box, drains the battery over time if it is not recharged. A compressor cool box or refrigerator consumes much less energy because it is not constantly on.

Kettles, coffee makers, LED lamps and fans also consume electricity, of course, but with normal use, a power station like this will last for days.

Charging devices such as phones, cameras and drones is child's play for this device. I haven't calculated it to perfection, but charging phones, headphones, drone batteries and cameras for days on end had hardly any impact on the battery capacity. The Allpowers S2000 can do this for a week or more without recharging in between.


The display on the Allpowers S2000 is bright and clear. You can see at a glance what is being consumed in terms of power and how long the battery will last at this capacity. When the battery is charging, you can see on the screen how long the device thinks it will take to fully charge.

Use in practice

Using the device is very easy. You operate the device with the three green illuminated buttons that you can clearly see in the photo below. The leftmost is the connectivity button, which allows you to connect to the device via Bluetooth (and the app). With the AC button you activate or deactivate the 4 230v sockets at the top. With the DC button you activate or deactivate all Auto and USB connections of the device. Childishly simple.

Perhaps this is a matter of personal preference, but I find it a bit less convenient that the 4 230v sockets are mounted on the front above the display. The cables often get in the way so that you can no longer see the screen properly and can no longer reach the buttons to operate the device. This is not much of a problem on such a large, open desk, but when processed in a small cupboard somewhere in the camper, it can become difficult to read or operate the device.


The Allpowers S2000 power station also comes with an app. Connecting was very easy. However, the app itself is very basic. You can operate the device in the app, just like you can do with the three buttons on the front. You can also see in the app what the capacity of the battery is, or how long it will take to charge, for example.

As far as I am concerned, the added value of the app lies in the remote control of the device. For example, we have always neatly concealed the power stations in our motorhome in a cupboard, so that we cannot physically reach the buttons. However, we always have our smartphone at hand, so switching on the power via the app is very easy. We also often catch ourselves that when we charge via the solar panels, we like to check the app in between to see how much power we generate and to see how long it will take to charge the battery.

sound production

The Allpowers S2000 has a small fan on both sides for the necessary cooling. These make noise but compared to, for example, the Ecoflow Delta Max (which makes quite a lot of noise), the noise production is negligible even under heavy load.

When concealed in a cupboard or under the seat in a vehicle, you will hardly hear the Allpowers S2000. Not even with intensive use. However, you must of course take into account that the room in which you process it has a supply of fresh air to some extent. Of course those fans are there for a reason.

Conclusion and price

The Allpowers S2000 solar power station surprised us in a positive way. With its compact size, low weight and relatively low price of 1699 US dollars (about 1550 euros), it is an interesting option. Especially for vanlifers and campers looking for a lot of power for an average budget.

Admittedly, the device doesn't have the high-end feel and options of competitors EcoFlow and ANKER. But so is the price! In addition, the app is somewhat basic and the charging capacity, both via the socket and the solar panels, is somewhat disappointing.

Still, there is plenty of reason to buy the Allpowers S2000. With 1500Wh battery capacity and a punchy 2000W continuous inverter, the device can power just about any device on the go. You do not need any extra inverters, charge controllers and cabling in your motorhome for this. You plug the 12v lighter or the solar panels directly into the device via the XT60 connector. With normal use you have almost infinite power on the go. And that's exactly what you want, right?

Oh yes, and did I mention that you are via Wereldreizigers.nl 20% discount gets on the device? Use when purchasing through this link de discount code: 2WD20% to get another 20% discount on the device. The total price then amounts to 1359 US dollars, which is converted to 1240 euros. A bargain if you ask me.

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