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North America in numbers

  • Number of countries: 6
  • Area (land mass): 13.540.000 km²
  • Highest mountain: Mount Denali (6190,5 m)
  • Population: 374 million (July 2022)
  • Average age: 38,6

North America in brief

North America is a continent which lies entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. There is quite a bit of disagreement about the exact number of countries that make up North America. Science and politics cannot agree on this. Being politically only Canada en America seen as North America. Scientifically (if we look purely at continent?), then hear Mexico, Greenland, Bermuda en Saint Pierre and Miquelon however, still there.

Why North America?

North America is a continent of natural beauty to the extremes. Of the countless National Parks in America in which you can drive from forested areas to desert to ski resorts in a few hours, to the Northern lights in Greenland and Canada. A trip through Canada and the United States is a world trip in itself. Did you know that this continent in the north also has real winter destinations? In terms of safety, you are generally good in Canada in America. Still, there are some areas, especially in the larger cities, where you should be wary. Therefore, always check the most recent before departure travel advice of the Dutch government.

Wildlife in North America

Animal lovers will find themselves in a true mecca in the National Parks. In America, Canada, Mexico and Greenland, large tracts of land (and sea) are protected areas. You come here to spot whales in Northern America, Canada and Greenland. Bears (both black and grizzly bears) can also be seen in large numbers in many of the national parks in Northern America and Canada. And then we haven't even mentioned the countless reindeer, wolves and moose... If you get up early and take the time to discover the nature reserves, you will be treated to the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

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Bucket list activities

  1. helicopter tour -New York- Books
  2. Dog sledding tour - Montréal - Books
  3. Air boat tour -Everglades- Books
  4. Whale watching -Vancouver- Books
  5. Niagara Falls - from Canada - Books
  6. Helicopter tour -Grand Canyon- Books
  7. Antelope Canyon -Page- Books

7 Nature Wonders of the World

  1. Grand Canyon - Location
  2. Bay of Fundi - Location
  3. Denali - Location
  4. Niagara Falls - Location
  5. redwoods - Location
  6. Cenotes Sac Antun - Location
  7. yellowstone - Location

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North America, the continent that brings together Canada, the United States and Greenland. North America offers a thousand and one options for every type of traveler. Even though the United States is very western, there are huge differences with Europe† Everything and everything is big in the United States, the amount of food, the roads, the buildings. It is the land of unlimited possibilities with Route 66, The Big Apple, Thank God It's Friday, Yellowstone, Hollywood, Alaska, Hawaii, Disney, Memphis, The Rocky Mountains, Greyhounds, Seven Eleven, baseball, bears, TV, the Grand Canyon, Broadway, and McDonald's.


Whale watching, getting to know the Inuit lifestyle and doing cultural in Vancouver or Montreal for example. Canada is the largest country in North America and is the second largest country in the world. Canada is more European than the United States. Because it is fairly sparsely populated, you will still find many untouched nature reserves here.

The United States

North America is versatile and adventurous. Roadtrippend through the US on Route 66, a city trip along the Canadian metropolises of Vancouver and Montreal or a week of sun and sea on the hot Mexican coast: you will go home with a suitcase full of beautiful memories. Canada has beautiful nature in store for you and cities with a European atmosphere such as Vancouver and Montreal. The United States of course has an irresistible attraction in New York. But there are so many other beautiful cities: Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, New Orleans, Denver, just to name a few. All cities with their own character. And what about the beautiful nature reserves and National Parks, Route 66, the unbeatable Las Vegas, the world-famous beaches of Miami and LA! Enough choice for discerning travellers.


Greenland, a country that you don't think of first when you hear or see North America. Greenland has rugged and imposing landscapes that range from rocky mountain ranges and giant icebergs to deep fjords and dry tundra. Other Greenland highlights include: Kulusuk 'The world's most unusual day trippers dream', dog sledding trips, swimming in hot springs with views of the drifting icebergs, traditional villages and Ilulissat, the world's most impressive glacier outside Antarctica.

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