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East Coast vs. West Coast | United States

No, this is not an article about the latest hip-hop trends in the USA† No gangsta talk or fat limos. We brag & boast rather about the coolest must sees & do's that can be found along the two famous coastlines of the US: the impressive east coast or the jagged west coast. The choice is yours!

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East coast

The East Coast effortlessly shakes up a few gems. Two of America's major cities have their feet firmly in the eastern ground: Washington DC and New York. Some other important cities are Boston, Philadelphia and Miami. The east coast is home to one of the largest space stations in the world, but you're also on the right side of the US for a hilarious rollercoaster. The nature here is amazing and very diverse. Enough pros, little to no cons!

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New York

The biggest temptress of the East Coast is, of course, New York. This city is reason enough for a trip to the US. The 'always-something-happening here' atmosphere, the towering skyscrapers that brotherly watch over Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and so on I could go on and on. For many, Manhattan is the center of the world. Walk through Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, Wall Street, Fifth Avenue and Central Park and you will immediately understand why everyone is raving about this metropolis.

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Times Square New York
Times Square New York

Washington DC

The political capital of the USA is also on the east coast and is a very special place to visit. It will give you a special feeling when you stand right in front of the White House, the beating political heart of our planet. Washington is where the decisions are made that can sometimes have major consequences for the entire world world† During a tour of the city, the historic images of Martin Luther King, speaking at Lincoln Memorial, pass by. The various monuments and state buildings also give you the historical awareness of what this country has meant for western freedom: Malcolm X Park, Supreme Court, the Capitol, the pentagonal Pentagon and Washington Monument are a few world-famous examples.

Washington D.C. Capitol
Washington D.C. Capitol

Orlando, Florida Theme Parks

For some travelers, a visit to a theme park is the immeasurable highlight of their vacation. Believe me, then you're in the right place on the east coast – especially in Orlando, which is located in the southeast. Several huge theme parks can be found here. The most famous is undoubtedly Disney World. Here you can go crazy on kick-ass rollercoasters and meet all the legendary Disney characters. But there is more to experience in Orlando! How about Universal Studios, an amusement park and film studio all in one! Live stunt work, 3D shows and spectacular special effects make a visit an unforgettable experience. You can also visit the Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando, a new park with five themed islands. In addition, SeaWorld is located in Orlando, one of the largest and most impressive marine theme parks in the world. So plenty of choice! When passing through the state of Georgia, you can't help but stop at the world's largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium.

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Universal Studios Orlando Florida
Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Breathtaking nature

Along the east coast are beautiful nature reserves with rugged mountains, cool blue lakes and colorful forests that stretch to the horizon. In the state of North Carolina you will find beautiful forests and rugged mountains (Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains), while in Virginia the cotton plantations form the backdrop. In the state of New York are the deep lakes of Finger Lakes, in Florida the swampy swamps of the Everglades and of course the wonderful beaches at Keys and Miami. In the northeast, near the border with Canada, you will find Niagara Falls. These waterfalls roar at you from miles away. The states of New England to West Virginia offer you a hue of all the fall colors, the color splendor for which the Indian Summer is so famous. In addition, in New England you will find the wild Green Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

West Coast

The Wild Wild West is definitely not a copy of the East Coast, far from it! Here, on the western side of the USA bobbing against the Pacific (or Pacific) Ocean, are California's sunny beaches, deserted deserts and thriving national parks. The coastline borders three states: Oregon, Washington (not to be confused with the city of Washington DC), and California. The western US is known for its progressive mindset, which has earned it the nickname Left Coast.

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San Francisco

You can't complete a trip on the west side without spending a few days in the most European city in the US. This city is a revelation among all the other large and often somewhat chilly cities in the US. San Fran is a city built on many hills, which gives the metropolis its unique face. Of course, the Golden Gate Bridge is pretty much the most important landmark. The historic prison island of Alcatraz also deserves a short visit. Chinatown is a city in itself here, with delicious cheap food spread out at loud stalls and busy little streets. Other recommendations: Fisherman's Wharf (Pier 39), Alamo Square, Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Los Angeles

If you follow the route further south, you will pass the metropolis of Los Angeles, or LA for short. A city of extremes and contradictions. The glitz & glamor of Hollywood and Beverly Hills shines excessively, especially compared to the poor and mainly black neighborhoods of LA. Yet LA is a city with many sights and wonderful places. The beaches of Santa Monica with the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach are known for their remarkable beachgoers. You will undoubtedly be amazed. Bustling boulevards with sports enthusiasts, alternative people, creatives and the contemporary jet set, all mixed together. But there is more than just beach in Los Angeles. Our recommendations: Pasadena, Getty Museum, Crystal Cathedral, Melrose Avenue and Huntington Library. Of course, a short walk on the Walk Of Fame is a no-brainer!

Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills

Highway 1, 17 Mile Drive and Route 66

The coastline in the western US has some beautiful driving routes. This way you can determine your own speed of travel and see all the splendor of this side of the US passing by in real time. Highway 1 is an excellent route that takes you in the state of California from San Francisco all the way to Los Angeles. Don't expect a highway where you can race hard, but narrow, winding roads that take you past cliffs, over panoramic hills and along stretched and deserted parts of the west coast. A lust for the eye! Another magical route is 17 Mile Drive, a scenic route across California's Monterey Peninsula. The views along the route are stunning. Rough coastlines, rock formations and desolate beaches alternate effortlessly. The most famous car route is of course Route 66† In the west you can pick up this route from Santa Monica to end up in gambling city Las Vegas.

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Highway 1 California
Highway 1 California

Nature on the West Coast

Well, we say that the nature reserves on the east coast are so beautiful, they can also enjoy them on the west coast! In California alone, the diverse landscapes are finger-licking good. Golden beaches, the massive Sierra Nevada mountains, the quintessential California redwood trees, Death Valley, the Canyons, Yosemite National Park, and we're just talking about Cali. Oregon may be more unknown, but no less beautiful. Here the Columbia River is the lifeline that has so much to offer. Rafting, hiking over the steep cliffs, stopping by lovely coastal villages along the way. The coastline here is sometimes inhospitable, but all the more beautiful for that. Washington state is an area with special national parks such as Mount Rainier, North Cascades and Olympic National Park. Here you will soon find yourself between waterfalls, glaciers, volcanic rock and rugged mountains.

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Sequoias Yosemite National Park
Sequoias Yosemite National Park


Well. East Coast vs. west coast. Like hip-hop, I think it's a matter ofa taste. West America shows you more of the ancient American culture that finds its roots in the Native Americans. East America is more modern and perhaps a bit more business-like, with New York, of course, being an irresistible traveler magnet. In terms of nature and unspoilt landscapes, both coastlines are not inferior to each other. Making a choice? Didn't see me!

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