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New York City | Camping near the city

After we (Roy and Ellen) get our Jeep Wrangler 4×4 shipped to Halifax in Canada and we the border with the United States have crossed is our first real stop in America: New York City. It seems that we are very lucky with the weather: 19-25 degrees and that in the middle of March!

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Liberty Harbor RV Park – Campground Near NYC

We already selected the campsite when we were waiting for our car in Halifax. We have chosen for Liberty Harbor RV Park and this is immediately highly recommended! It's not much more than a 'luxury' car park, but the location is fantastic. In addition, it is not the intention to stay with the car when you are in New York City. The park is monitored 24/7, which is great if you leave your house on wheels while you explore the city.

RV = Recreational Vehicle

In America, campgrounds are usually referred to as RV (Recreational Vehicle) parks. The RVs we see Americans drive are completely self-sufficient and are often huge trucks. Huge trucks that you can drive with your 'normal' driver's license. The RV sites are "full hookup" as they call it. A drain connection, a power connection (50A) and a water connection. The RV park also has tent sites. Normally we can go there with our roof tent, but here they are constructed in such a way that you cannot get there with your car and so only a ground tent is possible. 

Not cheap

Who has already looked at the New York City hotel prices will see that the prices are quite high, and if you read the reviews of the 'cheaper' accommodations, they often don't seem very clean or the location is bad. The RV park is $125 a night! Not bad right?! 

With a pound to Manhattan

The RV park is located in Jersey City within walking distance of the water, where you can take a pound to Manhattan. 

After arrival we walk a circle where we end up at the water. The view from Jersey on Manhattan is amazing! Whether you want to stay at the RV park or not, it's worth taking the ferry to Jersey for the view alone. After sunset we walk to the water again to enjoy the view and the illuminated Manhattan skyline. Tomorrow we will enter the city for the first time. 

The view of Manhattan
The view of Manhattan

Tourist in NYC

It's March 17, 2022 and St. Patrick's Day. The oldest and longest parade in the world takes place in New York: the St. Patricks day's parade. And it's long! There seems to be no end to it. After an hour and a half we have seen enough and we continue into the city. 

We walk through the central station, over the Brooklyn bridge and we come through Wall Street, where to our surprise there is a huge queue with people who want to have their picture taken with the Bull of Wall Street. We end the day at a nice local restaurant near Times Square. 

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
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The weather is a bit disappointing on the first day, we have a lot of rain. But better a rainy day in New York than a sunny day at the Office! 

The next day starts cloudy again. We booked the ferry to the Statue of Liberty at 9am. Due to a mistake we miss the boat, so we have to take the 2nd boat at 10 am. A lucky break, because when we get on the boat it clears up and we sail beautifully towards the statue. We walk around the island and then sail on to Manhattan. 

The statue of Liberty
The statue of Liberty
The statue of Liberty
The statue of Liberty

9/11 Museum and One World Trade Center

We have reserved tickets for the 9/11 museum. It is advisable to book in advance, because the day before we were at the museum and there was no more availability. The museum is very impressive and really something you should not miss when you are in New York. 

When we leave the museum we have to switch a button, because we go into the new World Trade Center ourselves. Which feels a bit crazy after all the images of the attack on the Twin Towers. But the view from the hundredth floor is phenomenal! 

The view from One World Trade Center
The view from One World Trade Center
The view from One World Trade Center
The view from One World Trade Center

Empire State Building

We end the day at the Empire State building. You can stand on the outside deck here, where you can look out over the city with no glass between you. There is also the possibility to go to the 102nd floor. You can choose this as an option when you book your ticket. This is really recommended! It is very quiet because not everyone books this and the elevator to that floor is easy to pass. 

The view from Empire State Building
The view from Empire State Building

World Trade Center vs. Empire State Building

With us the experience was completely different, because one was during the day and the other after sunset. If you want to stand on an iconic building, the choice is simple: The Empire State building. Do you want the tallest building in NYC and the iconic Empire State building in your photos? Then you should choose the World Trade Center. The location of this building is also very good to see the bridges such as the Brooklyn Bridge and you can even see the Statue of Liberty quite well. 

Whether it was because it was evening, so you can see all the lights… Or because we were almost alone on the 102nd floor… The Empire State Building was our favorite! It's another option Top of The Rock Rockefeller Center observation center. But we have no experience with that ourselves. 

Whatever you choose or do, the Concrete Jungle will not disappoint! 

Until the next, 

Roy and Ellen

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