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Tips for city break New York City | What to see and do + budget

New York (city) is a crazy, sometimes hectic, but most of all amazing city in the USA turned out. Famous for its fashion, crazy nightlife, art scene, museums, incredible restaurants and world class theater productions. Every culture, language and cuisine is represented here. You could spend your whole life exploring the city and never really see it all.

I have to be honest: I'm not usually a big fan of the cities. But wow! New York, you are truly amazing ?. There is an endless list of things to do in the city. No amount of time spent here will be enough. Don't worry though, in about 5 days you can visit a lot of beautiful places and experience the real New York culture.

New York City is great for one city ​​trip but it is not exactly a cheap city. In this article I will therefore pay extra attention to tips to keep the budget somewhat under control. This extensive free travel guide is therefore mainly intended to help you not to spend unnecessarily and to get the best out of your trip, whether you are visiting New York City for 3 or 10 days.

The ultimate tour of North America

This article is part of a large one-year tour the United States en Canada in 2022, with a Dutch 4×4 camper that we shipped ourselves… It is a bucket list worthy and an once in a lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

The ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada | Wereldreizigers.nl
The ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada | Wereldreizigers.nl

We wrote almost 100 articles about this ultimate tour. Below is a handy overview in 5 expandable categories.

1. Preparation
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5. Plan your vacation to America here

Why New York City?

  • Recognition and why not? - Why not? That's what I usually say when people ask me why I do what I do. However, for New York City, I don't need to joke about the hows and whys. New York City is a city that everyone knows, without actually having been there. A city that many people have hanging on their walls at home and have seen in countless films and series. It is a city where you can walk around and recognize complete streets or parts from movies and series. It therefore quickly feels like a home, far away from home.
  • Unique city – The bizarre amount of high-rise buildings alone makes this city a unique experience. I just had a stiff neck from all the looking up the first day, no joke! I've also been to Dubai and yes, some of the buildings are taller… But no city in the world has managed to cram so many gigantic buildings into such a small area. There are streets with buildings over 50 stories on either side, as far as your eyes can see. Bizarre!
  • Culture – The recognisability, the buildings and the mix of smells, colours, flavors and cultures make this bustling city perhaps the most popular city in the world to visit as a tourist. Every country, every faith and every culture is represented here. From the Dutch and English roots to Chinatown, Little Sri Lanka and Little Italy. All parts of the world come together here. That's why you really just have to be there once.
Tips for a city trip New York City
Tips for a city trip New York City

Why Avoid New York City?

As explained above, I think that everyone should visit New York City once in their life through a city break. But if you are looking for reasons to New York City especially cannot I can easily name the three main reasons.

  • the crowds – People are everywhere. And places like Times Square can get really busy at times. Thousands of people in just a few hundred square meters is no exception here.
  • the noise – New York City is not suitable for people who have difficulty with sudden, loud or busy noises. The honking of the cars in the traffic jam and the loud banging and sometimes painful metal scraping of the subway rails in the winding tunnels, just to name two.
  • The price – As owner of Wereldreizigers.nl I have been to many places in the world. I have already ticked off countless world cities and yet there is no city in the world where I have spent so much money in barely one week. In Tokyo, paris, Dubai, Singapore And especially Hong Kong you will soon spend a lot of money on simple things like transport, food, drink and accommodation. New York, however, goes a step further. It is partly due to the fierce inflation of the past two years, but the city is currently perhaps the most expensive in the world.

Top 5 Things to Do in New York City

1.Brooklyn Bridge

If you ask me the historical Brooklyn Bridge the number 1 attraction on a city break in New York City. The bridge dates from 1883† At the time, it was by far the longest suspension bridge in the world and it was the first bridge to connect Manhattan with Brooklyn. A brilliant piece of 19th century engineering. We had only just arrived in New York and the foggy morning made the party complete as far as we were concerned. What a great photo!

Brooklyn Bridge NYC | Malou on the bridge during the foggy morning
Brooklyn Bridge NYC | Malou on the bridge during the foggy morning

change in the early morning over the bridge. Then you have the bridge almost to yourself and turn around halfway through so that you can admire Manhattan. It was still very foggy, but slowly but surely the towers emerged.

Brooklyn Bridge NYC | Manhattan in the fog
Brooklyn Bridge NYC | Manhattan in the fog
Manhattan in the fog | Brooklyn Bridge, New York City
Brooklyn Bridge NYC | Manhattan in the fog

Then complete your morning walk by walking all the way down the bridge and on the left in the neighborhood called Dumbo take a picture of that other famous bridge, the Manhattan Bridge.

Manhattan Bridge NYC | From the Dumbo . district
Manhattan Bridge NYC | From the Dumbo . district

Remark: Yes, unfortunately you will see a lot of 'Instagrammers' doing a pirouette in the middle of the street, much to the chagrin of the locals. I do understand the frustrating horns from the cars that pass by. After all, it is a main road that is blocked at almost any time of the day by photogenic tourists who want to take that perfect picture.

Tip:: Prefer no hordes of Instragrammers? Then visit this place early in the morning or later in the evening. Our walk started at half past six in the morning for a reason!

From the Dumbo district you can then take a staircase back up the Manhattan bridge and walk back to Manhattan while the subways rumble past you with a lot of noise. The nice thing about this whole round is that from the Manhattan Bridge you have a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan in the background.

Manhattan Bridge NYC | The Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan in the background
Manhattan Bridge NYC | The Brooklyn Bridge with Manhattan in the background
Manhattan Bridge NYC | Looking down on life in Manhattan
Manhattan Bridge NYC | Looking down on life in Manhattan

It is a total walk of 1,5 to 2 hours and absolutely worth it. Buy a bagel and coffee-to-go at a Deli before you leave and you'll enjoy the best New York City has to offer – and it won't cost you anything!

2. 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower

It has been more than 20 years ago but 9/11 is still firmly burned into the minds of many. Likewise with me. What initially looked like a bad movie when I saw the first images of the crashed plane on live TV, quickly turned into a shock when I just saw the second plane crashing into the other building on live TV. Three billion people, almost half of the world's population, have seen it happen live on TV.

About 3000 people died in this attack and life in New York City has never been the same since. Almost everyone in New York knows a fatality. The cleanup and rebuilding of the neighborhood took a total of 14 years.

Ground Zero NYC | Here stood 1 of the 2 Twin Towers. On the right you see part of the 9/11 memorial and Museum
Ground Zero NYC | Here stood 1 of the 2 Twin Towers. On the right part of the 9/11 Museum

At the place where the Twin Towers stood, is now a big one 9/11 Memorial and Museum built. The place where the two buildings stood are now waterfalls that disappear into a large hole in the ground. It represents the emptiness that New Yorkers experience to this day, of the 3000 people who lost their lives on 9/11.

The Freedom Tower (One Trade Center), now next to 'ground zero' stands, towering 541 meters above the ground. It is a bizarre sight next to this deep hole.

Freedom Tower (One Trade Center) NYC | The building has 8 sides
Freedom Tower (One Trade Center) NYC | The building has 8 sides

I could write a whole book about the 9/11 Museum and Memorial and why you should go there. But if you got anything from 9/11 at the time, just go there during your city break in New York. However, it will be two intense hours. It starts out accessible, but slowly you get to hear more and more intense stories and see images in the museum. Still, it's totally worth it because it's a horrific event that clearly left its scars on New York City.

Of course, you can't miss the gigantic building that towers over everything in New York City. It looks different from every angle. The building has 8 sides which is equal to the 8 sides that the square Twin Towers had together.

Freedom Tower NYC | It's a kind of optical illusion. Beautiful building.
Freedom Tower NYC | It's a kind of optical illusion. Beautiful building.

3. Top of the Rock

Anyone who comes across New York City on someone's Instagram or searches the internet will soon come across a recognizable photo of the Empire State Building. These beautiful photos are almost always taken from Top of the Rock, the observation deck on top of Rockefeller Center. I myself have been there and took some beautiful pictures there at sunset. It's amazing to see with your own eyes how the city really comes to life as soon as the sun goes down and all the lights are turned on. The Top of the Rock is by far the most popular sight on a city break in New York City.

Top of the Rock NYC | Manhattan before sunset
Top of the Rock NYC | Manhattan before sunset
Top of the Rock NYC | Manhattan at sunset
Top of the Rock NYC | Manhattan at sunset
Top of the Rock NYC | Manhattan after sunset
Top of the Rock NYC | Manhattan after sunset

You can of course also view the other side of the city from Top of the Rock. Below the view of higher Manhattan with the world famous Central Park in the middle.

High Manhattan and Central Park | From Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock NYC | High Manhattan and Central Park

I don't think I need to explain to anyone why this is one of the most popular sights / things to do in New York City. And that is especially true during the perfect hour, with sunset. Check in advance when the sun sets in New York City on your travel date and then book well ahead your ticket to Top of the rock. The perfect time is 30 minutes before sunset, so you have exactly what I showed above. Before, during and after sunset!

Tip:: Sunset is obviously the most popular time to go up there and yes, tickets for that timeslot often sell out well in advance. Realize that you are in one of the most popular city break cities in the world and plan ahead. Normally we plan as little as possible, but for this experience it is best to book your sunset tickets as far in advance as possible.

Must-Do in New York City
Top of the Rock - Observation Deck Tickets
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Skip the line! With these tickets you don't have to cannot to stand in line at the checkout. The ticket gives you expedited access to the observation deck of Top of the Rock on the 71st floor.

Tip:: book your ticket online now so that you can aim precisely for sunset. You can stay up for an hour and the best moment is 30 minutes before sunset so that you can see both a light New York and a dark and illuminated New York!

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Type 2: Don't worry if you already have tickets and see a long line, just get in. They come to take people out of the queue in the meantime who are allowed to go upstairs at certain times (the people with a reservation!). We were also allowed to go up with our tickets at exactly the right time, just before sunset.

4.Central Park

During a city break in New York City you can Central Park of course don't skip it. There are lots of trails to walk and hang out in and what's more, it's free! As it spans over 40 blocks, it's easy to wander or have a picnic here for hours. For us, it was just a little too early for the latter at the end of March. In the spring and summer it will be even more fantastic here when everything is in bloom and all the trees are green again! Fortunately we had good weather and we saw some color in the vegetation here and there.

Central Park NYC | Walking in Central Park
Central Park NYC | Walking in Central Park

A well-known stretch in Central Park is, of course Bethesda Terrace with the famous red square with the fountain where scenes have been shot for countless movies and series. Some well-known films are: The Avengers, Doctor Who, Friends With Benefits and of course Home Alone 2!

Central Park NYC | Bethesda Terrace
Central Park NYC | Bethesda Terrace

During the spring and summer months, there are often free concerts and theater productions scattered throughout Central Park, so check ahead to see if there's anything to do during your visit! Renting a bike at Central Park is of course also possible. More on that later in this article.

5 Times Square

Well what can I say? It's so hugely famous, over the top, hugely lit and busy. However, you can't miss it if you're taking a city break in New York City. Go there to see it and to take a nice photo for your social media timeline. Preferably in the evening when everything is nicely lit, of course.

Time Square NYC | Chris with sunglasses on for the bright light
Times Square NYC | Chris with sunglasses on for the bright light
Times Square NYC | crowds and crowd barriers
Times Square NYC | Crowds and crowd barriers

By the way, you don't see many locals here. There are almost only other tourists. Stand or sit somewhere and just look around you. Not so much to all the gigantic lit billboards, but to all the different people you see around you. It will not disappoint you.

I must be too old for this by now at 37, but I just thought it was funny to see countless girls, fully dressed, in high heels in mini dresses (at 5 degrees Celsius), parading around for the perfect Insta photo to make. That people trip over each other while trying to shoot TikTok videos in the crowd, that you see weed trucks everywhere and that street vendors ask you 25 times if you want to buy a joint. It completes the madness of this place!

Weed truck at Times Square
Weed truck at Times Square

Note: Beware of anything that seems too good to be true in Times Square. It probably is. Do not buy tickets or activities from street vendors. They prey on tourists here. If you do, you run the risk of having your credit card charged multiple times, getting less than you paid for, or getting scammed altogether. If you want to take a picture with the costumed characters in Times Square, they will demand money from you.

Other Things to See and Do in New York

In addition to the well-known hotspots mentioned above, there is of course much more to see and do during a city trip in New York City. I promised you the ultimate free New York City travel guide to be, so here we go! Below are another 24 (!) of the coolest things to see and do in New York City if you've already checked the top five above.

1. Dine at Stardust Diner

After the top 5 sights in New York City, it is the #1 tip I can give you in this travel guide. Go eat here!!! It is not a real attraction, but a piece of American entertainment while you eat. Stardust Dinner is a real American diner with fun, varied live performances. A place where countless Broadway stars started!

Stardust Dinner | New York City
Stardust Dinner NYC| the outside

You have to eat anyway, so why not during a live performance by an up-and-coming Broadway star? Go there and it will not disappoint you. Expect long queues at the door. Waiting an hour is more the rule than the exception here.

Stardust Dinner you can here found on Google Maps. It's close to Times Square, so that's perfect to combine!

Tip:: Stardust Diner has comparatively much more 2-person tables than large tables and security regularly removes couples or groups of two people from the queue. If you are in a group, split up! It will significantly reduce your waiting time.

2. Staten Island Ferry (Statue of Liberty)

Not appealing that two-hour queue to see the Statue of Liberty? Walk a few blocks to the ferry Staten Island. This one free ferry takes you across the harbor and offers fine views of both the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. The journey takes approximately 20 minutes each way. So no expensive tour needed!

The Statue of Liberty and the NYC Skyline
The Statue of Liberty and the NYC Skyline

3. Empire State Building

At 381 meters high, the Empire State Building is no longer the tallest skyscraper in New York. It is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the city. In 2022, the building will be the 6th tallest in the United States† The building was the tallest building in the world from 1931 until the construction of the World Trade Center's North Tower in 1971.

You are probably familiar with the photo below, taken in 1932 when the construction workers of the skyscraper were having lunch on a large steel beam – without any safety measures.

The world famous luncheon photo from the Empire State Building, October 1932 | Wikimedia Commons - Charles Clyde Ebbets
The world famous luncheon photo from the Empire State Building, October 1932 | Wikimedia Commons – Charles Clyde Ebbets

Extra free travel guide tip: The photo above can be found copyright free on Wikipedia almost 100 years later. If you want to print it yourself for the living room, you can use the right-free photo here .

Not only the history of this imposing building is really cool, the observation deck on the 86th floor is also definitely worth a visit. You get the ultimate 360 ​​degree view of Manhattan from this building because it is very centrally located and you can walk all the way around on the observation deck. In addition to the observation deck of Top of the Rock, that of the Empire State Building is the absolute number 2 during a city trip in New York.

The Empire State Building from Top of the Rock at sunset
Empire State Building | photographed from Top of the Rock with sunset
Skip the line!
Empire State Building - Observation Deck Tickets
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Skip the line! With these tickets you don't have to don't stand in line at the checkout† The ticket gives you expedited access to the Empire State Building's observation deck on the 86th floor.

Tip:: book your ticket online now so that you can aim precisely for sunset. The best moment is 30 minutes before sunset so you can see both a bright New York and a dark and illuminated New York!

You are of course not the only one who thinks this way, so these tickets are often already sold out. So be there on time!

  • Skip the line
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  • See a 360 of Manhattan
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4 Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal is the city's historic train station. It was supposed to be torn down in 1975, but was saved by Jacqueline Kennedy, which raised money for its preservation. You may not expect it but the gold-plated clock in the middle of the hall is from real gold and is such a 20 miljoen worth dollars.

The golden 20 million clock in Grand Central Terminal | New York City
NYC Grand Central Terminal | The golden clock of 20 million

The hall itself is gigantic and almost completely covered with shiny marble and the hall is not the only thing that is covered with this beautiful natural stone. All tunnels, escalators, shops and even toilets adjacent to the hall are made of the same precious material. It is incredible to see how well maintained and preserved it all has survived.

Before you leave, also take a moment to look up. There you see beautiful paintings with stars and constellations of which you see more and more the longer you look.

Grand Central Terminal - New York City
NYC Grand Central Terminal

5.Wall Street

No New York City travel guide is complete without a photo of Wall Street. Take a picture with the famous statue of a charging bull (made in 1989) and then walk to Wall Street and see where all those bankers destroyed the economy several times, especially in 2008. Personally, I didn't think it was worth it take a picture of the bull or the statue of the girl in front of the building. Especially because there were fences and hordes of people around it. It's fun to just watch people zoom in and out of buildings on their way to the next financial disaster. It doesn't get more American than this.

The world famous New York Stock Exchange - Wall Street building. Including American flags of course
New York Stock Exchange | The world famous building on Wall Street

6. Hop on hop off bus

It's very cheesy and something all tourists do on a city break, but there's a reason why these buses are on every continent in the world be so popular. First of all, they take you from A to B and do so in a way that also shows you something of the city. From a high double-decker bus you see the streets and buildings from a different perspective. It's a nice change from the times when you race a subway through the dark tunnels of New York and barely see anything of the streets.

Beforehand we consciously looked at the weather, which would be a sunny day. That day, of course, we sat at the top of a double-decker bus catching rays of the sun and taking pictures!

Midtown - Photo taken from the Hop-on-hop-off bus
Midtown NYC | Photographed from the Hop-on-hop-off bus

Choose a route through lower, middle or upper Manhattan and switch to the route that runs through Brooklyn in the meantime. The route through Middle and Upper Manhattan also comes in Harlem where many Dutch roots can be found.

That is also the reason why I always like to get on a Hop-on-hop-off bus. You also get to know something about the city and its history as you drive around and take pictures.

Hop On Hop Off bus | New York City
$ 44,25

The Hop-on-hop-off bus in New York costs about 55 dollars per person for 24 hours, but you can often score an offer via the button below. The price is then with a bit of luck around 40-45 dollars per person.

  • Explore the city from an open double-decker bus
  • Get off where you want
  • Learn about the city
  • Less fun in bad weather
  • Chance of traffic jams during rush hour
View offers
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7. Circle Line Sightseeing Boat Cruise

At the New York City Pass (recommended if you want to save costs during your city trip), you can opt for a tour from circleline. We had also purchased this pass, partly because of this activity. For the perfect time, with sunset of course, we had to pay an additional $5 USD per person for the sunset, according to the website on site. However, when we were there no one asked…

Empire State Building is already beautifully lit in the distance | Circle Line Sightseeing Boat Cruise
Empire State Building is already beautifully lit in the distance
Skyline of lower Manhattan and 'The Vessel' | Circle Line Sightseeing Boat Cruise
Skyline of lower Manhattan and 'The Vessel'

you step here on the boat and sail around Manhattan, under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and past the Statue of Liberty. The tour lasts about two hours and gives you a unique view of the city skyline from the water.

During and just after sunset I took some fantastic photos of lower Manhattan. The buildings were full of color from the setting sun, which still reflects heavily on them.

Skyline of lower Manhattan at sunset

8. Just walk around

You really don't have to walk from Point 1 to 2 to 3 during a city break in New York City, just like every travel guide says… Just walk without a plan from the east side to the west side or south to north and admire the beautiful architecture of New York City York City. Without realizing it, you will pass by amazing places such as Grand Central Station, Union Square, the New York Times building, the Chrysler building, the Flat Iron building and many more. There are so many historic buildings in New York City that just wandering and looking at them is a fun activity for any budget traveler.

Malou between the skyscrapers that literally disappear into the clouds
Malou between the skyscrapers that literally disappear into the clouds

Tip:: Are you going to New York with your family? Read the handy article with practical tips from Familieopreis.nl: New York with kids.

A foggy morning in New York City
A foggy morning in downtown New York City

You don't have to look for famous or special buildings. You just meet them! We went out twice early in the morning in Manhattan and were amazed without looking for anything in particular. We had a foggy morning, and every few minutes a new tower emerged from the fog, or one disappeared.

9. Take a free walking tour

A great way to orientate yourself on the city is with a city tour. You will learn some history, discover where the main attractions are and explore every nook and cranny of the city. I think free walking tours in any city are a great activity. If you are on a budget I recommend Free Tours by Foot .

10. Rent a bike at Central Park

Central Park is so big that it is actually impossible to see everything on foot. Therefore rent a bicycle† You can cycle around Central Park in an hour if you are brave. Of course don't do this! Stop along the way for a picnic, visit one of the many squares, the castle, the ponds and just look around you!

Cycling in Central Park is a wonderful activity, especially for a Dutchman! Watch the short video below for an impression of Central Park by bike.

Renting a bike at Central Park is possible here starting at $15.

11. Relax at Battery Park

Located on the southern tip of Manhattan, this park is where the Dutch lived in 1625 FortAmsterdam built to defend their settlement. The British took over the area in 1664 and eventually renamed it Fort George. While the fortress was largely destroyed during the Revolution, the battery was expanded after the end of the war. Today there are more than 20 monuments and plaques in the park, explaining all about the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. You can wander around the fortress and then stroll through the surrounding park and enjoy the beautiful water views of the harbor, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

12. Hang Out At Prospect Park

Seen the well-known buildings and ticked off the standard city trip lists? Then leave Manhattan and explore Brooklyn's version of Central Park, spanning nearly 600 acres. While you're here, don't miss the nearby Brooklyn Museum. Spend the afternoon exploring the extensive collection of both historical and contemporary art and artifacts (there are over 1,5 million items in the collection). It has art exhibits on ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, the colonial US and more. Tickets are $16 USD.

13. The Highline (park)

The Highline (location here ), is a popular park 9 feet above the street on an old railway line, overlooking the river and the city. The park connects the neighborhood of Greenwich with Chelsea and the Hudson Yards. It is a fun and interesting way to walk in an artificial park with all kinds of art objects. The park is very well maintained by volunteers with a nice photo opportunity around every corner!

The Highline | The park was 9 meters above the ground crossing through the neighborhood, it was once a railway
The Highline | The park that crosses through the neighborhood 9 meters above the ground, it was once a railway

14. Rockefeller Center

This area is always filled with crowds and not just because Top of the Rock is the observatory on top of this building. Wander through Rockefeller Center to see where they film “The Today Show” among other things. Shop around in the shops of expensive brands between the black walls and the many golden details.

15. Attend a recording

While you're here, attend a taping! It will really give your New York City trip an extra dimension. TV shows such as America's Got Talent, Saturday Night Live, The View, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon offer free tickets for their admissions (although they need to be reserved well in advance). See each show's websites for details and to make reservations.

16. Attend an NBA or Baseball Game

When you're in America, you're obviously visiting a sport that's very big here. We chose because it was still cold in March and because it is in the middle of Brooklyn, for an NBA (basketball) game of the Brooklyn Nets.

Brooklyn Nets NBA game at Barclays stadium

That everyone stands with their hand on their chest during the national anthem and of course the cheerleaders + time-out shows, it's all part of it. This is real American culture!

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The tickets are also not that expensive at the top of the stadium, I bought through Seatgeek (just like ticketswap), two tickets at $27 USD each. After all kinds of fees and taxes, this turned out to be 89 dollars in total, but that aside… On the day of the game I saw the ticket price drop from 39 dollars to 27 dollars.

Budget tips: Make sure you go in saturated and without thirst because for the two beers (or half a liter) we were allowed to pay 36 dollars, without tip!

17. Visit Jazz Bars

There are plenty of Jazz bars serving classic drinks and playing live jazz and swing music. While the chic cocktails they serve may not come cheap ($15-25 USD), you can count on a great old-fashioned atmosphere here. Stepping into these bars with the music, people dancing and everyone smartly dressed takes you to an era when everything was classy, ​​carefree and fun. Some of the Favorite Jazz Bars in New York City are The Back Room, Pharmacy, The dead rabbit en bath tub gin.

18. Attend a Broadway Theater Show

Many people come to New York City to see a Broadway show. There are plenty of great shows in just a few blocks here. From grand musicals to traditional Shakespeare to bizarre, offbeat shows. It's such an integral part of New York life that you just have to experience it during a city break.

Unique experience
Broadway show tickets and tours
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Through this website you can see the best offers from all current Broadway shows. After purchasing the tickets online, you no longer have to queue at the box office.

Online offers are common, especially if the shows are still relatively new. When it's almost sold out, the prices go up quite a bit so be there in time.

  • Unique experience
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  • Popular shows are pricey
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19. Visit Radio City Music Hall

This timeless proof of entertainment has fascinated visitors since the XNUMXs (at the time it was the largest hall in the world). The Radio City Music Hall has also been the venue for all sorts of award shows, including the Tonys and the Grammys. Tours run daily from 9.30:17.00 AM to 30:35 PM and cost $XNUMX to $XNUMX USD.

20. New York helicopter tour

It's not an option or activity for a low-budget city break or for someone on a tight budget, but if you're willing to shell out $165 to $220 USD per person, this might just be the coolest bucket list experience of your life. Flying in a helicopter is great fun in itself and above a city like New York it is an experience you will never forget!

Manhattan New York City from the helicopter
New York City | Manhattan from the helicopter

Yes, it's a lot of money. Still, if you consider that an average hotel in New York City already costs $ 150 per night and that you will probably soon forget about that hotel, it is different with a helicopter flight. Book your helicopter flight here and make memories for the rest of your life.

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21.Trinity Church

The original Trinity Church (Location here ), built in 1698, was a small parish church built by the Church of England. When the British took New York after George Washington's retreat, it was used as a British base of operations. After the war came George Washington en Alexander Hamilton here regularly. Dating back to the 18th century, the cemetery is where many famous Americans, including Alexander Hamilton and his wife Elizabeth, Francis Lewis (signer of the Declaration of Independence), are buried.

What makes Trinity Church worth visiting is the stark contrast of a 16th-century structure between all those modern skyscrapers of Wall Street.

Trinity Church is near Wall Street - A bizarre sight between all those skyscrapers
Trinity Church | A bizarre sight between all those skyscrapers

22. Hip Hop Tours

New York City is the city of the east-coast Hip-Hop Scene. Think big names like Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, NAS, 50-cent and DMX. All these stars saw their careers begin in Harlem or Brooklyn New York. It is not for nothing that various tours are offered which take you deep into the neighborhoods, where you learn and experience everything about Hip-hop history. It's a great way to get to know New York City's hip-hop scene. Hush-Tours is the most popular provider, tickets are here to find.

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23. Visit the Museum of Modern Art

Go to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa – location here ), for lots of beautiful and rare modern art and some vibrant Impressionist art. Personally, I don't like modern art. I just don't "get" it. Although I am personally not a fan, this museum has Van Gogh's Starry Night and other post-impressionist art. If you like modern and contemporary art, this is (I'm told) one of the best in the world. Admission is $25 USD and tickets are here available from the official website.

24.Lower East Side Tenement Museum

This museum shows how immigrants from all over the world lived during the late 1800s and early 1900s when they tried to make it in America† You can only visit this museum via guided tours and these must be booked in advance. The great thing about this museum is that it uses live actors to portray and share the stories of newly arrived immigrants as it makes the experience much more memorable. Admission is $30 USD and tickets are available through the official website.

How much does a city trip to New York City cost?

Hotels, hostels and AirBnB

Hostel prices – In the high season in the summer, a bed in a shared dorm can be found from $50 USD. Off-season prices are closer to $40 USD. A private room costs around $95-130 USD per night and doesn't fluctuate much between seasons. Free Wi-Fi is standard and most hostels also have self-catering facilities.

Budget hotel prices – Budget two star hotel rooms start at $95 USD. Also at budget hotels the price fluctuates less violently between high and low season. Prices are slightly higher on weekends, but not shocking. Expect basic amenities such as TV, air conditioning and a coffee maker or kettle.

Mid-range hotel prices – A mid-range three to four star hotel in New York can easily cost $150 USD on a weekday and $250 USD or higher on the weekend. The price per night in these hotels also fluctuates heavily based on supply and demand. These hotels are by definition a lot more expensive in high season and the well-known school holidays. It is therefore wise to plan your city trip to New York City outside these periods, if you can of course.

Tip:: Use the booking.com widget map below to see at a glance what the average hotel prices are for a specific date.


AirBnB – There are plenty of Airbnb options in New York City. Private rooms start at $60-70 USD per night, while a full apartment averages closer to $175-350 USD per night. Make sure you book well in advance if you want to find a good deal, often these are already fully booked and you will notice that shortly in advance almost nothing is available anymore.

Tip:: always look carefully at the additional costs at AirBnB. Sometimes you think you are cheap, but after all the extra costs (cleaning, taxes, handling fees, etc.) you are still just as expensive or more expensive as a hotel.

Food and drink

Street food – New York has food in many price ranges. Pizza slices can be found on the street for as little as $3 USD. A bagel with cream cheese or a hot dog is usually around $3-5 USD and with egg, bacon and cheese $6-8 USD. There are plenty of street vendors with quick meals around $6-10 USD. Small sandwich shops, kebab shops, salad shops and quick cafe meals are generally $10-12 USD.

Mid range restaurants – You can eat in a mid-range restaurant for $18-30 USD per main course, including vegetarian dishes. Dinner for two with drinks usually averages about $80-100 USD and a beer is about $8 USD.

High end restaurants – prices just go straight up from here as New York City has some really chic and expensive restaurants. I mean, you can pay $500 for dinner here if you want to. But there are also many high-end restaurants where you can go for around $50 USD per main course, or pay $150-200 USD for a few courses and drinks.

drink – Beer costs about $8 USD, while a latte / cappuccino costs an average of $5 USD, even at a coffee shop or Starbucks. A liter bottle of water is $2-3 USD and yes, usually in the supermarkets such as Walgreens and Wholefoods.


Metro – The subway is by far the cheapest way to get around during your city trip in New York City. A MetroCard costs $1 USD one time and then you pay $2,75 USD each way. All those one-way tickets can really add up, so if you are in New York for several days, you will in most cases save money by immediately purchasing an unlimited week card, which costs 'only' $33 USD. You can buy these at any metro station at a vending machine.

Yellow cab Taxi – Taxis have not been this cheap in New York City for a long time. Streets full of yellow taxis are outdated. This is due to the city's excellent metro network and increased fuel prices. A ride in a normal taxi therefore quickly costs $30 USD from lower to central Manhattan. From Manhattan to Brooklyn, also about $30 USD.

Just a street in New York City
Just a street in New York City

JFK Airport Taxi – Do not pay too much for a taxi from the airport. Our own experience has shown that the regular Yellow Cabs are the cheapest in most cases. From JFK to Brooklyn is about $50 USD. Middle Manhattan is about $70 USD and Lower Manhattan (where we were) about $80 USD.

Tip:: Uber and Lyft taxis to and from the airport were a lot more expensive during rush hours than the regular yellowcab JFK airport taxis. Uber and Lyft Taxis came in at $130+ USD from JFK to our hotel… $50 more than a regular taxi. This has everything to do with supply and demand.

Uber/Lyft Taxi – We also took an Uber or Lyft taxi a few times. As far as we could tell, these were pretty much the same price-wise – and more importantly – with the regular yellow cabs. We did find these apps extremely useful to see what a ride should cost and you can have a taxi in front of you within minutes wherever you are. However, it must be said immediately that during peak times the prices of Uber and Lyft taxis can skyrocket, so that you quickly pay too much.

bus – There are also many buses in New York. However, these are often intended for longer journeys or places where no metro is available. Tickets cost about $7-15 USD depending on your destination. If you do not need to be in the countryside during your city trip, you are better off with a MetroCard.

City trip New York City
City trip New York City


Nobody talks about it, but one of the things that makes New York City and the US in general so expensive is the constant tip that is expected of you. In the USA is the minimum wage not what we are used to in The Netherlands† You simply cannot make ends meet in the hospitality industry or passenger transport and that is well known. Therefore you are expected to standard to give a 20% tip† It's kind of an unwritten rule in this country.

If you pay for something in a burger joint and you see the bill on the screen, it is standard in your image whether you want to tip 18, 20 or 23%. This is also the case with an Uber or taxi. Tipping is not the first thing that comes to mind when budgeting for a trip… In the US you should definitely do that because 20% can be quite a bite out of your budget. You need food every day and transport almost every day.

Tax not included

Another silent killer for your wallet during a city trip in New York City are the taxes or VAT. That is often not included in the price you see. In the Netherlands we are used to the fact that the price in the shop, in a snack bar or restaurant includes VAT. In the US it is often different. We once had to pay $30 USD for two wraps and two drinks, after the Tax fees and tip it was suddenly $45+ USD. That's a bit scary then! After a few misses, we really started to pay more attention to whether or not this was included in the price.

Tips to save money

Okay, you now know that a city break in New York City can destroy your wallet in a short amount of time. It's expensive and you can run out of money very, very quickly if you're not careful. It's mainly the little things that keep you losing more money than you're used to. Bottled water, a beer, a quick snack in between, a taxi and yes, that tip and taxes-not-included add up everywhere… Yet there are also many ways to enjoy New York City without breaking the bank. costs your body.

Free City Tours – Taking a free City Tour is the most fun and the best way to get to know the city. You get to see the main sights and ask all your questions to a local guide. It costs nothing in principle, but a somewhat substantial tip is expected! Give $10-15 USD per person and the guide will thank you. You really won't find it cheaper than that in New York City.

Buy a MetroCard – I already mentioned it in the transportation section, but just buy a 7-day unlimited MetroCard for $33 at the first subway you see when you arrive in New York City. It will save you a lot of money!

Buy cheap theater tickets Broadway tickets can easily cost hundreds of dollars, especially for the new and popular shows. If you don't necessarily want to see a certain show but do want to get the Broadway experience: the TKTS booth in Times Square offers 40-50% off select shows. You just have to go to the counter to see what they have. Be prepared to wait in line for about an hour.

Free Museums – NYC is full of some of the best museums in the world. In addition to the MoMA, many offer free admission on certain days of the week: the Whitney Museum of American Art is pay-what-you-wish on Thursday afternoons. It Solomon R. Guggenheim museum has pay-what-you-wish donations between Saturdays from 16.00 to 18.00 p.m. and the Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design has a pay-what-you-wish policy on Saturday nights.

eat cheap (and healthy) – It's very Dutch; we often just spread our own sandwiches for the afternoon. Complete packed lunches were in our bag when we hit the road again! Buy fruit, bread, cheese, chicken fillet, snack peppers and snack tomatoes at the Walgreens of whole foods and make your own ultimate healthy sandwich. Almost every hotel room in New York City has a fridge where you can keep your food and drinks cool.

It is not only a lot cheaper but also a lot healthier because what they say is true: almost everything you buy on the street or in a restaurant in America is fried, baked, salty, sweet and fatty.

New York City Pass – With this sightseeing pass you have access to a number of real top attractions at a high discount. If you plan to see several popular attractions, this can save you a lot of money. The most purchased pass costs $129 USD per person and gives you access to five top attractions. There is also a variant of the pass (the C3) that offers three top attractions for a price of $87 USD. We also bought this pass and went to Top of the Rock, the 9/11 museum and did the Circle Line Cruise.

Save 40% on top attractions
New York CityPASS® - Save 40% on Top Attractions
$ 129,00

Visit 5 major New York City attractions with significant savings. You will receive the mobile tickets (QR code) directly in your mailbox and you can then schedule the attractions yourself at the day and time that suits you.

Enjoy popular attractions such as Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building and the American Museum of Natural History for a deeply discounted price!

  • Choice of real top attractions
  • Substantial savings (40%)
  • Plan attractions yourself
  • Tickets via QR
  • Also available for 3 attractions
Order Now
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couchsurf – Accommodation is expensive in NYC and with few hostels there aren't many options for a budget traveler. Use a hospitality website like Couchsurfing to stay with the locals for free. There is a huge network in the city with many hosts. Apply as far in advance as possible to increase the chance of success!

Bring a water bottle – The tap water in New York City is safe to drink, so bring a reusable water bottle to save money and to reduce your plastic use. The water here has a slightly different taste than in the Netherlands with a slight touch of chlorine. If you find that annoying, use a LifeStraw! Lifestraw is my favorite brand because their bottles have built-in filters to make sure your water is always clean and safe. They cost about 40 euros and are here for sale.

Transportation in New York City

Metro – New York and its boroughs (and parts of New Jersey) are easily accessible by subway. You can get everywhere you want to go via the metro. You need a MetroCard to get around and you need to put a minimum of $5,50 USD on the card. Fares for each trip are $2,75 USD. You can buy a 7-day unlimited MetroCard for $33 USD. That means you only need to use the metro 12 times to get your money's worth!

bus – If you cannot get to your destination by metro, the bus will take you there. Like the subway, the fare is $2,75 USD, but an express ride is $6,75 USD.

Ferry – The Staten Island Ferry is an important piece of transportation for locals going to and from work. It works 24/7 and is free† The NYC Ferry Service is also a reliable way to commute, connecting Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx along the East River. The ferries make many stops along the East River and cost the same as the subway.

Bike – You can bike almost anywhere in New York City, especially if you want to explore the major parks like Central and Prospect. Citi bike is the bike sharing system. From $3,50 USD per 30 minute ride or $15 USD for 24 hours. There are about 10.000 bicycles scattered around the city, so there is always one within reach!

Taxis – Taxis are certainly not the cheapest option for getting around New York City. The minimum fare starts at $2,50 USD and quickly increases every minute depending on how fast you go and how far you drive (and you usually don't go very fast, so I'd skip them).

Taxi New York City
Taxi New York City

Ride sharing – Uber, Lyft, and Via are theoretically cheaper than taxis and are the best way to get around a city if you don't want to take a bus or pay for a cab. Via, Lyft, and Uber sometimes offer ride sharing as an option, where you share a ride with other people. This can save money, but will also take longer. Pay close attention to the price if you have to travel during peak hours. It is well known that prices skyrocket in these apps as demand rises and supply stays the same.

Car rental - Car rental is not very expensive here. Usually it costs about $55 USD per day for a multi-day rental. The cost of the car rental however, are not your main concern. Parking your car in New York is. Just expect $30 USD per afternoon to park your car somewhere on the outskirts of the city and for 24 hours it will soon be $60 USD per night in many places. In lower Manhattan we have even seen prices of 25 dollars per hour. Unless you plan on doing a lot of miles from New York, I would car rental to skip. If you really need a car in New York City, check out Sunny Cars – the only provider from Dutch soil where everything is well arranged. Including all-inclusive insurance.

Sunny Cars | All-inclusive car rental on holiday

Sunnycars is based in the Netherlands and is by far our favorite choice for car hire when traveling.

At Sunnycars you can rent a car carefree without having to worry about conditions and insurance.

Sunnycars only offers all inclusive car rental. This means that all prices you see include all other costs, coverage and insurance.

  • All inclusive car rental
  • Dutch company
  • Worldwide offer
  • Rent a car without worries
  • Not always the cheapest
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Best time to visit New York City

Anytime is the best time to visit New York! Each season offers visitors plenty of reasons to visit the city. Early fall offers fresh breezes, bright sun and comfortable temperatures, while late fall and winter are merry with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and of course the countless Christmas decorations.

The winter – January and February – are cold, with temperatures between -7 and -5 °C. But coming in winter means better hotel rates, ice skating and hopping between cozy cafes and bookstores.

Spring – is glorious! New Yorkers celebrate the end of winter by taking to the streets, shopping at open-air markets, frolicking in Central Park, and dining al fresco. We were there at the end of March and with every ray of sunshine that came through it was just visibly busier on the streets and in the parks.

The summer – is hot (with average daily temperatures around 25-30 °C). In the summer there are many festivals, food trucks, packed parks and barbecues. But this is also the time when New York is sold out: literally. The prices are therefore considerably higher than in the early or late season.

Personally, I think the early and late seasons (April-May and September-October) offer the best New York City city break experience. There are fewer crowds and the weather is pleasant, averaging around 13-17°C in spring and 11-25°C in September and October. Walking around to take pictures is a great way to see the city, but when it's sweltering hot it can be challenging. However, if you like the heat then summer is the time to visit.

Safety in New York City

Remarkably relaxed and safe! We actually never felt unsafe during our city break in New York City. However, we were not on the road at night and we were always back at the hotel before 23:00 pm. Your biggest concern in New York City is probably pickpockets operating in the busy areas.

A beautiful building and the new police cars of NY (Smarts!)
A nice building and the new police cars of NY (Smarts!). It's a strange sight between all those gigantic cars and buildings.

Every now and then you come across a bum, but this was really not that bad for me. In Nijmegen, where we come from, I don't see that many anymore near the central station and I thought that was remarkable.

If something doesn't feel right or unsafe, leave. Trust your instincts. New York City and especially Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn are basically safe enough to just walk around without a plan.

New York City Hotels

Accommodation is expensive in New York and there are not many hostels in the city. If you're staying outside of Manhattan, accommodation costs can drop by 30% or more if you book in advance. These are my recommended places to stay in NYC:

Low price range (Pods and Yotel) 


  • Hilton Garden Inn Central Park South – View prices
  • Hilton Garden Inn NYC Financial Center/Manhattan Downtown – View prices
  • DoubleTree by Hilton New York Downtown – View prices

Higher price range

For more hotel inspiration, use the interactive map below.



Quite a story, but you made it! Believe it or not, it took me almost a full week to write this all out and find and insert the perfect photos. I also searched for the best links and Google Maps locations so you know exactly where to go, where to order your tickets and how you can possibly save money. I sincerely hope that you find this free travel guide useful during your city break in New York City.

Tip:: save this Free New York Travel Guide Before you leave, save it in your favorites so that you always have it at hand and use the table of contents at the top of the page to quickly find certain things.

Statue of Liberty | City trip New York City
Statue of Liberty | City trip New York City

Have fun in NYC!

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