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Living and working in Australia | What do you have to arrange?

When you've made the decision to The Netherlands to leave indefinitely and in Australië When you start living, a lot of things quickly come into play. You will not be using many facilities in the Netherlands for a long time. You are planning to build a new life on the other side of the world. In this article you will find just a few things that you may have never thought of, but which you absolutely should not forget when you start living and working in Australia.

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Kangaroo Thom | Living and working in Australia
Kangaroo Thom | Living and working in Australia

have a plan

With a plan in your head to be away from home for a long time, it is wise to prepare this somewhat. Because why in God's name would you be stuck with a long telephone subscription? And are you really going to pay health insurance in the Netherlands if you don't use it? And is it really so smart to provide yourself with countless Australian Dollars in the Netherlands?

Make a plan! † Living and working in Australia
Make a plan! † Living and working in Australia

Health insurance in Australia

What is perhaps fairly obvious is the fact that you also have facilities abroad. In other countries you can also take out a telephone contract and there are also health insurance policies. And this also applies if you are going to live in Australia. You are also obliged in the Netherlands to cancel your health insurance if you stay abroad for more than 8 months. You still have to deregister from your municipality, which also automatically cancels the insurance.

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Mobile Subscription in Australia

Try to ensure that you handle your subscription at home in such a way that it will not cost you too much abroad. You are not going to use it here. When I arrived at a hostel in Australia, there were already numerous facilities to help you with an Australian SIM card and insurance. Also opening a bank account is one of the simplest things you can imagine. So I can say that it is very easy and convenient to arrange everything immediately upon arrival. There are plenty of things here that can help you with everything. A big advantage is that a day after arrival you are already completely blessed with certain important things.

To do list | Living and working in Australia

  • Deregister in the Netherlands and cancel your health insurance.
  • Handle everything with your telephone company to avoid unnecessary costs.
  • Make sure you have a credit card with a limit of at least 1000 Euro.
  • Buy a new SIM card immediately upon arrival, you can keep your Dutch Whatsapp number. Optus is a provider that is highly recommended for its good internet.
  • Sign up with an Australian bank and get an Australian debit card with it.
  • Take out insurance with Jo-Ho World Insurance. State that you will live and work in Australia. They cover a lot and it costs about half of your normal health insurance in the Netherlands.
  • Buy an Australian inverter for your plug in the Netherlands or after landing.
  • If you still want to buy certain gadgets, wait a while. Laptops, drones etc. are often cheaper in Australia.

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