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Wanaka, New Zealand | 6x fun activities

Although Wanaka is not very big, there are plenty of fun activities to do. This way you can make beautiful hikes, roam around in the center, enjoy the beach and learn to fly yourself! Wondering what else you can do in Wanaka? I'll tell you in this blog.

1. Climb Roy's Peak

Climbing is one of the most popular activities in Wanaka Roy's Peak (Location here ). A few kilometers from the town is the start of the hike that goes up about 8 kilometers. So it is best if you want to do this walk. I am not in good shape at all and I also found it very difficult, but I finally managed to do it.

Tip: Start your climb at night so you can be on top by sunrise. This way you get an even better view of Lake Wanaka. Just make sure you have enough warm clothes with you, because once at the top you will need it.

Activities in Wanaka | Roy's Peak
Activities in Wanaka | Roy's Peak

2. Learn to fly in your own plane

Always thought you had to have your pilot's license to fly an airplane yourself? Not in Wanaka! Bee learn to fly you can fly your own plane. Of course with an experienced pilot next to you. Good thing, too! You are in charge of the aircraft during the entire flight and even take off and land all by yourself! A special activity in Wanaka with a beautiful view over the town.

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3. That Wanaka Tree

On the edge of Lake Wanaka stands a tree which is probably one of the most photographed trees in New Zealand. Also That Wanaka Tree named. What makes the tree so special is that it is partly underwater for part of the year. In combination with the mountains in the background, this makes for a beautiful picture!

Activities in Wanaka | That Wanaka Tree
Activities in Wanaka | That Wanaka Tree

3. Visit Puzzle World

Puzzle World (Location here ) is really a place for young and old! This place on the outskirts of Wanaka is known for its bizarre world full of puzzles and illusions. For about 25 NZD (15 EUR) you get access to the illusion rooms and the huge maze that is located outside. A fun activity in Wanaka to spend your afternoon, but beware! Don't let this bizarre place fool you!

5. Visit the Blue Pools

What you should not miss when you are in Wanaka is a visit to the Blue Polish (Location here ). To get to the Blue Pools you will have to take the car to the north. The short Blue Pools hike is known for its, as the name says, clear blue waters. It is a popular place for tourists to take a dip in the icy waters from the swingbridge. Just make sure you rub yourself with DEET because the place is teeming with sand flies!

Activities in Wanaka | Blue Polish
Activities in Wanaka | Blue Polish

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6. Grab the bike and go mountain biking

Feel like being active during your holiday? Rent a mountain bike at one of the bicycle shops in town. You can rent a sturdy mountain bike for a few NZD. The owner of the shop will make sure that your bike is properly adjusted and you will even receive a map of the area with a route that is especially intended for mountain bikers. A fun and active activity for when you are in Wanaka. This way you can see something of the area!

Activities in Wanaka | Mountain biking
Activities in Wanaka | Mountain biking

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