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About us

Wereldreizigers.nl is the source of inspiration for anyone who loves to travel. We post the latest travel news, wonderful travel stories, travel tips and itineraries daily. Get inspired! Get on board!

And now that you've read the super motivational text above, we would like to explain who we are and where we come from. Our team consists of a select group of travel enthusiasts. We want to see all the beauty of the world and are therefore constantly looking for new, special travel destinations. Every year as many countries as possible of our bucketlist cross off, we couldn't imagine our lives any other way.

Op Wereldreizigers.nl different world travelers like to share their travel stories en travel tips with you. Be inspired by experienced travelers for your next holiday, city trip or maybe world trip!

Do you have any questions, comments, suggestions or do you just want to let us know how cool you think our website is? Then take contact with us.

The team

Chris | Wereldreizigers.nl

World traveler in heart and soul and owner of this website. I love to travel and before I met Wereldreizigers.nl started to run several travel blogs. Dreams about new destinations 365 a year.

At the beginning of 2020 I accidentally stumbled upon Wereldreizigers.nl, a website that has been around since 2014. I soon saw that the website had been standing still for quite some time. Shame! It had not received any updates from that same year (2014) until mid-2020. The technology behind the site was outdated and neglected. I therefore decided to contact the owner of the website. It took several months but eventually we got out, Wereldreizigers.nl was acquired!

After a few months of hard work, a completely renewed website was launched, ready for the future. I decided to consult my network and contacted other travel enthusiasts to ask if they would like to participate in this project. After all, the website is called 'World Travelers' in plural, so naturally this must also become the place for world travelers to share their stories.

– Currently in America
– Next dream destination: Canada
– Stubborn and bold
– Life is short, make it beautiful!
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Our team consists of a number of regular bloggers which you can find below. Also register as a blogger? Then read this message.


Ilse & Nick | @whatsournextdestination

Travel has become an important part of our lives. After I (Ilse) came back from my 8 month journey through Asia, I met Nick and immediately convinced me to embark on such an adventure together. Unfortunately, our world trip 'only' lasted 1,5 months because of corona and we can't wait to pack our backpacks again!

Since September 2019 I have been writing blogs for Chris's website with great enthusiasm. I love to share this knowledge with you!

– Currently in the Netherlands
– Traveling with backpacks and sleeping in hostels
– Favorite destination: Jordan
– Next dream destination: India
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love | liekethijssen.com

As a freelance copywriter & web designer I can work wherever and whenever I want, which is of course ideal as a travel enthusiast. I love the freedom it brings: pack your laptop and go! I like to share the adventures I experience with other enthusiastic travelers.

– Loves Latin America
– Career changed to be able to work as a digital nomad
– Departs soon to Mexico
– Loves sloths and turtles
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Milene & Yuri | Mygrations.nl

Mygrations Milene & Yuri 2

A photographer and engineer from The Hague. Always looking for adventure, off the beaten track and (too) crazy places. From the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the steppes of Siberia and from remote islands to snow-capped peaks. In our VW T2, on a three-masted ship or by snowmobile. The crazier, the better!

– On the way to China
– Traveling in an old-timer VW van
– Crazy about adventure…
... and food.
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Lisa & Erik | Reisstel.nl

We are Erik & Lisa. For us, travel is what happiness stands for: ultimate freedom. At the beginning of 2020 we therefore gave up our jobs and sold our house to live life as full-time world travelers.

– Currently traveling to Japan
– Dutch travel couple
– #vanlife with Fred ?
– Sold house and quit job for adventure!
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Eric | scooter adventurer

What is it like to drive more than 10.000 kilometers in Madagascar on a locally bought scooter? Or on a pikipiki (scooter in Swahili) through East Africa? In more than 20 years I have visited more than 100 countries. This has resulted in a lot of priceless travel experiences, which I would like to share with you.

– Currently in Africa
– Traveling on scooters?
– Sold house and quit job for adventure!
– Favorite destinations: Madagascar, Uganda, Japan, India and Colombia.
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Thom and Lianne | Whatifwefly.nl

We have both left the Netherlands for an indefinite period of time. Initially to take on the adventure alone and to find out what else there is to see and experience. Living in Bali.

– Thom ❥ Lianne
– Just having fun
- Don't take life so seriously
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Sandra and Adrian | Vandemics.nl

We have decided to leave working life for a while (a year) and go on a trip with our camper Fordtress (17). Europe is our destination! Where exactly in Europe depends on where the wind takes us…

– Traveling with the campervan called 'Fordtress'
– 1 year sabbatical
– Currently in Spain
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Sharella | Sherulestheglobe.nl

Loves mango & melts with puppies. For my work I fly around the world, which brings me to the best destinations, hotspots & must-see spots. I can't keep all these unique experiences to myself! Isn't it much more fun to make your travel preparations as easy as possible?

– Colorful travel photos
– Stewardess for KLM
– Always looking for new destinations
- Read here all blogs from Sharella

Looking for something else?

Note: this website contains affiliate links. It is also possible that links in the article are sponsored by advertisers. Making a purchase via these links does not cost anything extra – we do receive a small fee when purchasing via these links. With this money we keep the website up-to-date and up to date.

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