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What is overlanding?

Overland or overlanding is self-sufficient travel with an (overlander) vehicle where the journey itself is the goal. At its simplest, overlanding is about reconnaissance. Whether you travel by truck, 4×4 or motorcycle, it's all about driving the roads less traveled and immersing yourself in the environment and culture. Of course there will be plenty of campsites – the only difference is that there are sometimes off-road obstacles to overcome and navigate. This is “driving” in the purest form. And, just like with life, you'll probably go through some sort of process of reassessing priorities along the way.

What is the difference between off-roading and overlanding?

While off-road driving and its extreme variants are more focused on the technical aspects of driving/traveling over challenging varied terrain, the overland experience is more focused on the journey and exploration where off-road driving is only a small part.

Do you need a 4×4 for overlanding

You don't need 4wd for overlanding. Most people don't use their 4×4 99% of the time. Invest in quality All Terrain tires, recovery equipment and safety equipment.


We have launched a new public Facebook group for VANLIFE (I.e. and OVERLANDERS 🚙🚚.
👉 Join the VANLIFE & OVERLANDERS group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanlife.overlanders
The 'free' VANLIFE and OVERLANDERS facebook group of Wereldreizigers.nl.
This group is public and intended for anyone who speaks Dutch and is interested in VANLIFE and/or overlanding. In other words: long-term travel and/or living in your camper, expedition truck, overlander vehicle or self-built camper bus.
We distinguish ourselves with a few important features:
👉 You CAN share your Insta and Facebook in this group.
👉 You CAN share your travel books in this group.
👉 You CAN share your website(s) and travel blogs in this group.
👉 You CAN share your YouTube videos in this group.
As long as it interfaces with VANLIFE and/or overlanding, you are free to share your photos, videos, blogs, socials and travel stories here.
Whether it's about building your VANLIFE van or OVERLAND truck, or if you'd like to share your travel videos or stories with everyone. Everything is welcome.
We believe that sharing good content is what the internet is all about. With this group we would like to connect people with the same interests, so that we can learn from each other and follow each other (online).
Have fun and please keep it tidy!

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