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Bali will only allow vaccinated tourists on the island

TRAVEL NEWS – June 24, 2021: Indonesia's tourism minister, Sandiaga Uno, has said it will only allow vaccinated tourists on the island. This applies to both domestic and international visitors. This news comes as a slap in the face to people who, for whatever reason, choose not to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Only vaccinated tourists are allowed

During a virtual weekly press conference on Tuesday (22/6), Sandiaga suggested to the Governor of Bali and the Minister of Health to prepare vaccination-based tourism for Bali. The Indonesian minister has said it will only allow vaccinated tourists on the island.

Domestic tourists

Domestic tourists are offered the vaccine, foreign tourists must be vaccinated before arrival.

"I propose to the provincial government of Bali and the Minister of Health to give domestic visitors an option to receive the Covid-19 vaccine upon their arrival.said Sandiaga (source).

Foreign tourists

Meanwhile, Sandiaga also explained that distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine to international travelers once the border reopens may be possible in the future. This will, however, be at your own expense.

"Aside from the negative result of the PCR test, international travelers taking the Covid-19 vaccine cannot before their departure, also be isolated and vaccinated on arrival at their own expense once our border reopens in the future.Sandiaga added.

Sandiaga hopes this program will help the tourism industry in Bali quickly revive. Restarting the tourism industry in Bali will help many residents to generate income again.

A beach in Bali

Bali open to tourists in July

In addition to the vaccination news, it was reconfirmed earlier this week that Bali still plans to open to foreign tourists in July. Bali officials have that on June 22 still confirmed† Covid-19 transmission on the island has been significantly reduced as the Covid-19 vaccine is distributed to residents. The vaccination program is expected to be completed quickly so that the international travel corridor can be reopened in the very near future.

Tip: We follow the news in Bali closely and keep it up to date in a live blog which is checked and/or updated daily. More current information about the reopening of Bali for tourists can be found in the news item: Bali still open to tourists in July 2021.

Rush on Janssen vaccine

Is Bali partly responsible for the rush on the Janssen vaccines? We think so… Because you will probably have noticed: there is a real rush on Janssen vaccines† With the holidays approaching, everyone wants to be vaccinated as soon as possible so that they no longer have to buy expensive PCR tests.

But there are also countries or regions such as Bali that have announced strict corona vaccination requirements for tourists. You will not enter the country without vaccination, even if you do not have a valid PCR test.

Because you only need one shot of the Janssen vaccine, people under the age of 40 in particular want to make an appointment for the Janssen vaccine as soon as possible. They see this as the only possibility to possibly travel to Bali in July.

In total, the GGD telephone number received 5,3 million calls from approximately 222.000 callers. The average caller has therefore tried more than twenty times to make an appointment. In the end, about 78.000 agreements were made. Young people in particular called: of the first 50.000 appointments made, 42.000 were scheduled for people born in 1990 or later.

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