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Charles Witlox (Charlies-Travels.com) passed away after kite accident

TRAVEL NEWS – December 31, 2022: Charles Witlox, best known for Charlie's Travels, has passed away after an accident while kitesurfing in Cape Town earlier this week. This was announced on Charlie's Travels website.

In memoriam

'To our great regret, with great misunderstanding and impotence, we have to announce that Charles Witlox passed away on December 29, 2022'Charlie's Travels reports this on its website.

The full message on the Charlie's Travels website can also be viewed below.

Image via Charlies-Travels.com

To our great regret, with great misunderstanding and impotence, we have to announce that Charles Witlox passed away on December 29, 2022.

Charles, known to many as Charlie, was the father of our company Charlie's Travels. Many know him as the adventurer who crossed Africa on his motorcycle to discover new places for all his future clients. Looking for the off the beaten track adventure, making a real connection with the locals, so that they, the customers, could once see the real Africa, the Africa as he knew it. Not the way the media presented it every day. Charles was an example to us, an icon.

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to him on December 29th. This hits us hard and deep. A wound that won't heal quickly. But his legacy will live on, his purpose and his mission will continue as Charlie's Travels. To realize his dream, his mission.

Thank you Charles.

What does this mean for you as a customer? We continue with the organization, this is what Charles wanted. So you can just book, continue and experience your trip through Charlie's Travels. Just as you are used to from us.

Strong wind when kitesurfing

Charles, 33, was taken by ambulance to the emergency room of Cape Town's Melomed Tokai Hospital at 19.00pm on Thursday after being carried away by high winds in a horrific accident. Charles died of his injuries in hospital shortly afterwards.

Wereldreizigers.nl and Charlies-Travels.com

In 2021 Chris, Malou en Eric VAN Wereldreizigers.nl made a tour through Kenya en Uganda. A large part of this trip was arranged in collaboration with Charles through Charlies-Travels. As an Africa expert, Eric had known Charles for some time and Chris and Eric had the pleasure of meeting Charles again in Nairobi. We like to remember him as we know him: a very active and enthusiastic person with a real love for Africa.

We wish everyone who knew Charles a lot of strength.

Farewell, Charles.

Chris, Malou and Eric.

Charles Witlox (left) with a Maasai in Kenya | Photo via Charlies-Travels.com
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