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Chile reopens borders for tourists, no more quarantine obligation

TRAVEL NEWS – November 3, 2021: The country Chile reopens its borders to tourists (as announced in October). Traveling to Chile has therefore been possible for some time, but Chile has now also abolished the mandatory five-day quarantine for international visitors.

Chile reports that 88% of the population is now fully vaccinated. Given the high vaccination coverage of its citizens, the Chilean government is confident in further easing entry requirements and recovering the tourism economy.

Chile joins several other South American countries in reopening its borders and easing restrictions.

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Chile Travel Brief vereisten

  • You must be fully vaccinated (and this here to be verified).
  • You must be at least 48 hours before departure here complete an online statement/questionnaire.
  • Travel medical insurance with minimum $30.000 coverage is required
  • Upon arrival in Chile you must be able to show a PCR test, no older than 72 hours.
  • Upon arrival in Chile you must have another PCR test.

What do you have to do to travel in Chile?

Travelers to the South American country must be able to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination before travelling. Filling out a medical questionnaire is also required, along with travel insurance with minimum $30.000 coverage. Upon arrival in Chile, travelers have 72 hours to undergo a PCR test confirming a negative result. You will need to self-quarantine while waiting for the PCR test results. There are options for testing directly at the airport – in most cases you can expect the results within a few hours.

Tourism sector happy, but…

The timing of reopening Chile's borders and easing regulations is welcomed by Chile's tourism industry, as the summer season (for us Dutch, it's winter) is typically the most popular visiting time for international tourists to the country.

However, several major players in Chile's tourism sector are questioning the PCR test that must be taken again upon arrival in Chile. They are afraid it will deter people from traveling to the country. Two PCR tests is "overkill," said Danny Callaghan, the chief executive of the Latin American Travel Association.

It is therefore hoped that this requirement will be reviewed in the near future.

Chile an iconic destination

Pre-COVID Chile was the third most visited country in South America after Brazil and Argentina.

Danny Callaghan, the chief executive of the Latin American Travel Association, said:

“This iconic destination has one of the best Covid programs in the world and I'm delighted they are now seeing the benefits of tourism return.

“This also bodes well for the Antarctic cruise season, with many ships departing from Chile. I see this as the start of a long-awaited recovery for the wider region.”

Torres del Paine Chile

The Antarctic cruise industry is one of several sectors in the country that hope to return to normal in the coming months.

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The Netherlands and Belgium give the green light

The Netherlands and Belgium have had Chile on 'yellow' for some time, which makes traveling from these countries possible without restrictions. With code yellow you are also medically insured with almost all travel insurers. Now that the borders have been reopened from Chile, nothing stands in the way (except for a vaccination and testing obligation) to travel to this beautiful country.

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