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Cuba reopens to tourists on November 15 (including unvaccinated)

TRAVEL NEWS – October 27, 2021: Cuba will reopen to tourists on November 15, the government announced† As of November 15, Cuba only requires that visitors have proof of vaccination or a recent PCR to enter the country. The country is also opening the door to unvaccinated people who prefer to be tested instead of vaccinated.

Previously, Cuba had extremely strict rules, possibly the strictest in the entire world Caribbean† To date, you are required to undergo quarantine and multiple PCR tests before being allowed to travel freely in the country. These strict rules will expire completely on 15 November. Only showing a PCR test or vaccination certificate upon arrival at the airport is enough from that moment on.

Cuba has confidence in the vaccine

Cuba has decided to reopen to tourists. The country is slated to slacken entry requirements after it vaccinates most of its people with proprietary Covid-19 vaccines. The country is very confident in the vaccine. It therefore wants to welcome foreign tourists again and give the tourist industry a boost.

“A fully vaccinated population will prove to be a major selling point for an island already well known for its safety, beaches and turquoise waters”

Francisco Camps | Government Cuba

Cuba will be one of the safest sanitary destinations for tourists, Francisco Camps said. Cuba's homegrown vaccines are currently under review by the World Health Organization. The first results look very positive.

Cuba leads the way in vaccination

Of all countries with more than 1 million inhabitants, Cuba vaccinates faster than all others. The government says the pace is paying off, with the number of Covid-19 cases falling by more than 80%. At least 90% of the population has currently received at least one dose of the homegrown vaccine.

And because more than 90% of the population has been vaccinated, Cuba has gained enough confidence to welcome unvaccinated tourists with open arms again.

Cuba open to tourists regardless of vaccination status

“We are at an opportune time as we begin to restore our habits. We can visit relatives and go on vacation. We can also improve economic activity by welcoming foreign tourists to Cuba. We are open to them regardless of vaccination status,” said Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia.

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