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Celebration Gouda 750 around the water | 200 historic ships

TRAVEL NEWS (press release) – June 30, 2022: The location on the Hollandse IJssel and the Gouwe brought Gouda a lot of prosperity in the Middle Ages. Gouda is celebrating 750 years of city rights this year and is therefore putting water in the spotlights. The highlight is Gouda Waterstad, a SAIL of 200 historic ships. This and more to experience on and around the water in Gouda this summer.

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Experience Gouda Water City with SAIL of 200 historic ships

Turn clipper Adriana Pieternella, mussel 't Iezeren Keteltje and North Sea butter Jacob. The most beautiful names complete the list of participating historic ships during Gouda Waterstad, a festive celebration of Gouda750 on and around the water. At least 200 ships will call at Gouda, starting with a SAIL arrival of all ships on July 28 from Rotterdam to Gouda over the Hollandse IJssel. For three days, the city is dominated by shipping, shanty songs and skipper stories. A salmon smokehouse on the Markt, ship crafts and a skipper's church service complete it. From 28 to 31 July 2022.

More information about Gouda water city.

Sail with Bootje Kaas or sup through the Gouda canals  

Gouda is a real cheese city in addition to water city. That is why you can now sail through the canals in 'cheese style' with Bootje Kaas for a pleasant cruise through the old city center to the Museum Harbor in a cheese-yellow boat. For a trip of an hour, under low bridges, which provides the necessary bending moments. Another option is a canal tour with Reederij de IJsel, including skipper stories. If you prefer to be at the helm yourself and want to actively discover the water, you can hop on a sup or canoe.

Everything about Gouda from the water.

Dive into Gouda750 history with a water walk

A look at 750 years of Gouda shows that the Hollandse IJssel and the Gouwe provided the city with wealth, but also caused the necessary problems. With the Goudse Gidsen Gilde you can dive into the water past with a route along locks and canals. Away from the well-known paths, you walk along the Donkere Sluis – the longest lock in the Netherlands –, the Museumhaven, the Tolhuis and the Houtmansplantsoen. Also paying attention to the consequences of climate change and subsidence for the city and the surrounding area.

This boarding walk is on July 30.

Drink a Gouda beer in the Museumhavencafé

The relatively clean water and the location on shipping routes ensured that Gouda grew into the most important beer city in the Netherlands in the 15th century with 200 breweries. bubbly beer history which you will find at the city brewery De Goudsche Leeuw, De Nieuwe Brouwerij, beer shop In den Gouden Aer and the beer cafes in the city. There are the Gouda Duck, BarBier and Museumhavencafé 't IJsselhuis at the Museumhaven where ships moor during Gouda Waterstad. This cafe was it then Skipper's Watchroom: skippers drank a beer here when they had to wait before they could pass through the Mallegat lock. 

Spend the night in the Gouda Water Tower

A day in Gouda is nice, but a whole weekend is even more fun! The Goudse Watertoren guarantees a special night at a great height. This smallest residential tower in the Netherlands was once the factory water tower of the Koninklijke Plateelbakkerij Zuid-Holland. An industrial place where history, water and the ceramic craft come together. To all historically good sleeping addresses.

Gouda has 200 berths for your own boat

You can also visit Gouda with your own boat or ship. Then make use of one of the 200 moorings. More information about Gouda as a marina.

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