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Instagram removed Wereldreizigers.nl page – Now what?

I am writing this post with great reluctance because every keystroke of energy I spend on this horrible company is one too many. Lately I've been getting questions from our readers that it's no longer possible to find our page on Instagram.

Many of you have probably pressed an Instagram button somewhere on our website, hoping that you would land on our Instagram page and follow it.

Unfortunately I have bad news for you. Instagram has deleted our page.

Instagram has removed/banned our page for no reason.

Numerous attempts to get it back online have failed.

Let this be a warning to anyone who puts a lot of time and energy into the platform.

Instagram can delete all your work at the touch of a button – that's a fact.

Chris – Wereldreizigers.nl

More than a year of work and 7.800 followers have been flushed down the drain in one fell swoop.

Algorithms don't get it

Because we travel so much, we are never in one place for very long. And because we are not a large company that hires someone to keep up with the social media channels from, for example, the Netherlands, Instagram's algorithm did not understand who we were and where we lived.

Time and again we received reports that our 'residence and whereabouts' could not be determined based on our IP and travel behavior and we were unceremoniously excluded from our own Instagram page.

You will then enter the automatic process to get it back online. You have to send everything, including proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce and copies of your passport. Fiercely.

Instagram ignores questions

After that, however, it falls completely silent on their side. I have contacted you several times asking why my page was removed. No one responded to anything. Dozens of reminders have been sent, also via Facebook's Business system. I literally just get the silent treatment. After some Google searches I find out that there are thousands of people, websites and companies that have had the same thing happen... Hardly anyone manages to get the page back online.

Suddenly, a few months later, the page was suddenly online again. However, this did not last long. It only took a few weeks for the algorithm to throw us out again during our trip in America. I'm updating my hometown to America again, and hope it works out. This went well for a few weeks, until the next blockade. We were also three states further…

Time and again you have to go through that whole mill to get your page back online. Sending everything, getting no response, no customer service. Just fighting an algorithm, so powerless.

After 6 months of battling this horrible algorithm and trying to get someone to speak to via email, website or phone, we've given up. It took too much time to get our page back online every time and we think Instagram treats pages like ours really shoddy.

Bad algorithms. No one you can speak to. No answers to support questions. Just a fat middle finger.

We have therefore decided not to use Instagram anymore. In addition to the rapid growth in followers, it hardly converted anyway. It wasn't worth our energy anymore.

Instagram is a closed system

Realize that Instagram is primarily intended to be a closed system. That is to say, channels such as Instagram do everything they can to keep you on the platform longer so that you consume as much advertising as possible, advertising from which they earn a lot of money. Infinite scrolling.

Placing outgoing links is therefore deliberately made clumsy (link in bio) and in stories people are simply not out to click through to your website. People just want to scroll and see short updates from others. It has become a habit.

This is not my opinion, this is a fact. This fact is very well reflected in datasets and statistics. Many studies have already been completed that substantiate this. For example, read: DIGITAL 2022: SOCIAL MEDIA REFERRALS from the website Data reports.

In short: Don't waste your time on this horrible social media platform. Focus your travel blog on Google or on social media platforms that do convert. Just a tip 😉

You can't beat powerful multinationals

Please let this be a lesson to anyone with a website who also puts a lot of time and energy into Instagram… Let one thing be crystal clear to you:

  • Everything you do on Instagram will disappear from the timeline within 48 hours.
  • Everything you do on Instagram is not yours.
  • Instagram makes money off your back, your hard work.
  • Instagram can delete your entire page for no reason.
  • Fighting against a powerful multinational is pointless.

Rather put the energy into your own website – where the content has a much longer lifespan and you can decide what happens to it.

Chris – Wereldreizigers.nl


In retrospect, I am actually glad that Instagram has removed our page. 's Instagram page Wereldreizigers.nl took me a lot of time to maintain and even though we had thousands of followers, converting to website visitors or generating income hardly ever did.

The platform is therefore mainly designed to scroll mindlessly and consume as much advertising as possible in between (sorry, fans of Instagram). So I just shrug my shoulders and get on with my life…

Bye Instagram!

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