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Instagram has our Wereldreizigers.nl page deleted – Now what?

(English summary: Instagram removed from our page for whatever reason)

I am writing this post with great reluctance because every keystroke of energy I spend on this horrible company is one too many. Lately I've been getting questions from our readers that it's no longer possible to find our page on Instagram.

Many of you have probably pressed the Instagram button somewhere on our page, hoping you would land on our Instagram page to follow.

Unfortunately I have bad news for you. Instagram has deleted our page.

Instagram has removed/banned our page for no reason.

Numerous attempts to get it back online have failed.

Let this be a warning to anyone who puts a lot of time and energy into the platform.

Instagram can delete all your work at the touch of a button – that's a fact.

Chris – Wereldreizigers.nl

A year of work and thousands of followers have been flushed down the drain in one fell swoop.

No clarity from Instagram

It is still not clear to me what exactly is the reason for deleting our page. One day I got a notification that my account had "broken a rule". It didn't say what rule this was or how I should solve it.

The same day my account was taken offline and I entered the automatic process via an automatic mail to get it back online. I had to send everything, including proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce and copies of my passport. Fiercely.

Instagram ignores questions

Then it fell completely silent on their side. I have contacted several times to ask why my page has been removed. There was no response to anything. Dozens of reminders have been sent, also via Facebook's Business system. I literally just get the silent treatment. After some Google searches I find out that there are thousands of people, websites and companies that have had the same thing happen… Hardly anyone manages to get the page back online.

After 5 months of trying to speak to someone via e-mail, the website or by phone, I also give up. Instagram has 'won'.

You can't beat powerful multinationals

But please let this be a lesson to anyone with a website that also puts a lot of time and energy into Instagram… Let one thing be crystal clear to you:

  • Everything you do on Instagram will disappear from the timeline within 48 hours.
  • Everything you do on Instagram is not yours.
  • Instagram makes money off your back, your hard work.
  • Instagram can delete your entire page for no reason.
  • Fighting against a powerful multinational is pointless.

Rather put the energy into your own website – where the content has a much longer lifespan and you can decide what happens to it.

Chris – Wereldreizigers.nl

Bye bye Instagram

In retrospect, I am actually glad that Instagram has removed our page. 's Instagram page Wereldreizigers.nl took me a lot of time to maintain and even though we had thousands of followers, converting to website visitors hardly did.

The platform is therefore mainly designed to scroll mindlessly and consume as much advertising as possible in between (sorry, fans of Instagram). That fact alone is at odds with the ad-free initiative by Wereldreizigers.nl, so I just shrug my shoulders one more time and get on with my life…

Bye Instagram ‍♂️

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