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KLM will cancel all flights to South Korea, Japan and China next week

TRAVEL NEWS – February 28, 2022: Airline KLM faces sanctions against Russia forced to cancel flights to various destinations in Asia. Until Thursday, flights to destinations in South Korea, Japan en China because they pass through Russian airspace.

Statement KLM

KLM has decided to cancel all flights to Russia that were scheduled for the next 7 days. KLM will also no longer fly over Russia to other destinations during that period. The immediate reason for this is the fact that, due to the sanctions package that has been agreed in a European context, spare aircraft parts may no longer be sent to Russia, not even for their own use. This means that we can no longer guarantee that flights to and over Russia can return safely. Alternatives are being sought for the flights that were planned to fly over Russia to another destination.”

In addition, the entire Russian airspace was closed by Russia to air traffic from . yesterday afternoon Europe.

Airline KLM has yet to figure out how to reroute flights normally over Russia. It is possible that from now on those aircraft will fly via the Middle East fly to Asian destinations.

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Our experience with KLM is generally good. The quality of the food has unfortunately deteriorated in recent years and the website sometimes suffers from annoying problems.

Fortunately, the flights in economy class are above average comfortable, which is another big plus. KLM generally flies with good, young aircraft.

We also think that it is a Dutch company with mainly Dutch employees.

  • Dutch company
  • Many direct connections from Amsterdam
  • Relatively low prices
  • Comfortable
  • Sometimes website problems
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