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Croatia | Pelješac bridge opened – border crossing no longer necessary

TRAVEL NEWS – July 29, 2022: On July 26, 2022, the grand opening of the Pelješac bridge (location here ) occurred. This provides a practical connection to the south of Croatia and a tourist attraction in one.

The bridge connects the mainland of Croatia with the Pelješac peninsula. This connects the city of Dubrovnik with the rest of the country, among other things. Where visitors to the peninsula previously had to travel via Bosnia and Herzegovina, they can now use the new bridge connection. This shortens the travel time from one hour to 20 minutes.

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The new route over the Pelješac bridge
The new route over the Pelješac bridge

No border crossing needed

Although the route via Bosnia and Herzegovina is only 10 kilometers, the journey takes a lot of time because travelers have to cross a country border with passport control twice. With the opening of the bridge, this is a thing of the past. The Pelješac bridge has a length of 2,4 kilometers and a height of 55 meters. This means that shipping is not hindered by the bridge.

The Pelješac bridge
The Pelješac bridge

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Place of interest

In addition to all practical aspects, the bridge also serves as a tourist attraction. Both for sailors, for whom sailing under the bridge is a special experience, and for the many travelers who can enjoy a unique view of the area during the journey over the bridge. The view from the mainland and the peninsula on the bridge is also very rewarding.

The Pelješac bridge in the evening
The Pelješac bridge in the evening

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