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Croatia eases border measures for EU citizens on June 2

TRAVEL NEWS – June 02, 2021: The Civil Protection Headquarters of Croatia took a decision on Wednesday 2 June on easing access measures at the border for citizens of the countries of the European Union and the Schengen Member States.

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Just One Vaccine Injection

The new decision will allow EU citizens and citizens from Schengen member states to enter Croatia immediately with one vaccine injection if the dose has been received more than 22 days ago, the Croatian Tourist Board confirmed in a statement. press release.

Prior to today's decision, a vaccination certificate was required with the last dose administered more than 14 days ago. A lot Dutch people en Belgen until now had to hand over a costly PCR test at the border. Now that just one injection is enough, many more people can enter Croatia without having to buy the costly PCR test.

Remark: further easing is expected on June 15 – the Netherlands will probably be moved to the list of 'green countries' by the Croatian government (if the figures in the Netherlands remain this way or fall further). This means that almost all restrictions would be abolished. In our Croatia travel advice overview you can read all about it.

Rules for access to Croatia from EU member states

Tourists are asked to meet and prove one of the following criteria in order to access Croatia:

  • A negative PCR or antigen test 48 hours before arrival at the border.
  • 22 days before entry, a vaccination certificate has been received on which at least one vaccine has been vaccinated.
  • Evidence of recovery from COVID-19 more than 11 days and less than 180 days ago.
  • Certificate declaring: 10 days self-isolation in Croatia with option to test to release.

Tourists are coming

According to data from Croatia's eVisitor system, tourist traffic from the European Union and Schengen member states accounted for about 80 percent of foreign arrivals in pre-pandemic times, up from a staggering 90 percent last year.

During the last ten days, tourist traffic has grown continuously and for the first time, more than 100.000 tourists were crossed in a single day, with most guests in Croatia are currently from Germany, Austria, Poland en Slovenia.

More than 1 million arrivals and 31 million overnight stays were recorded in Croatia between January 1 and May 3,9. This is a growth of 42 percent in arrivals and 38 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period last year.


In May alone, there were 451.000 arrivals and 1,9 million overnight stays, an increase of 412 percent in arrivals and 256 percent in overnight stays compared to May last year.

Source: croatiaweek.com

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