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Holidays 2023 | 17 days leave = 40 days off

TRAVEL NEWS - December 28, 2022: In recent years we unfortunately had to make do with unfavorable holidays that often fell on weekends. Fortunately, that will change in 2023. The holidays are coming up next year...

New night train Brussels-Amsterdam-Berlin | From May 25

TRAVEL NEWS – December 28, 2021: There will be a new European sleeper-night train route from May 25 between Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin, among others. The European night train route (with sleeping places) connects Brussels...

Climate neutral | How we compensated our travel in 2022

TRAVEL NEWS – December 22, 2022: Yes, we travel and fly a lot… But that doesn't mean we don't care about the environment. On the contrary ?! To compensate for our travel behavior we have (Wereldreizigers.nl) through our...

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