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Travel advice relaxation for 8 European countries on June 10

TRAVEL NEWS – June 9, 2021: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will relax travel advice for eight countries within the European Union on Thursday 10 June. Various sources (1), (2), have established this.

Countries whose travel advice will be relaxed as of June 10

Entry restrictions for Dutch nationals

It is important to note that entry restrictions may still apply to Dutch travelers from the eight European countries. For example, unvaccinated travelers have to hand over a negative test result after arrival in Austria. In Italy, all travelers should, until further news.

Color codes may change

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that the situation in a country can change quickly and that people should be well informed about the development of the corona situation in a specific country. It can always happen that a country changes from 'yellow' to 'orange' again. And that can have consequences for travelers.

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