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Travelers prefer to travel to destinations where COVID-19 vaccine is required

TRAVEL NEWS – March 12, 2021: According to an new study by The Points Guy (one of the largest travel news websites in the US), 76% of travelers surveyed would rather travel to a destination that requires proof of the COVID-19 vaccine (such as a vaccination passport). A whopping 49% would also rather travel with a provider that imposes vaccination requirements before departure. In contrast, 34% of travelers are put off by vaccination passport requirements, for a variety of reasons.

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TPG partnered with YouGov to survey more than 1 U.S. adults between March 2 and March 2021, 2.400, of whom 64% would like to travel this year.

Concerns about vaccination safety and privacy

There are also travelers (34%) who are less likely to select destinations or providers with vaccination requirements for COVID-19, it underlines their concerns about vaccinations.

Potential travelers deterred by vaccination passport requirements cited privacy concerns (64%) rather than health concerns (46%) as reasons for avoiding destinations or travel providers that require a vaccination certificate.

Some people described the vaccination requirements as 'intrusive' and 'uncomfortable'. One person said: "The only one who has to make decisions about my health is me — not a country, airline or any other company."

Digital Green Pass, the new normal

The demand for digital health passports that keep track of vaccination certificates, COVID-19 test results and other crucial health data has already appeared all over the world. The EU recently announced the Digital Green Pass on, Singapore Airlines is already running a among its travelers and China launched last Monday as the first in the world the 'green virus passport' via WeChat. IATA, the largest aviation organization in the world, is now in talks with numerous governments to develop their mobile application called 'Travel pass” to roll out.

Airlines, travel companies, health organizations, governments and others are all simultaneously thinking of ways to verify the authenticity of vaccination records and test results and streamline the travel experience.

Vaccinations the key to reopening

“For many Americans COVID-19 vaccines are key to resuming travel,” said Melanie Lieberman, senior travel editor at The Points Guy. “Destinations that require a vaccination certificate and travel providers that have a similar requirement appear to give potential travelers a stronger sense of security, which will give many people more confidence when booking future trips.”

Lieberman adds, “Even if you've been vaccinated, it's still crucial to research a destination's quarantine requirements, test mandates and vaccination rules before booking a trip.”

Safe places to travel

About 74% of Americans who plan to travel in 2021 are likely to receive the vaccine or have already been vaccinated. That's a 10% increase from the number of Americans who want or have received the vaccine but aren't interested in traveling this year.

But even after getting the vaccine, travelers will likely continue to prefer trips to wide-open places like National parks, state parks and beaches.

Of those who plan to travel in 2021 and plan to be vaccinated (or have already received the vaccine), 70% said they would be comfortable traveling to a state or national park by the end of the year. Nearly 60% said they would feel comfortable visiting a public beach.

Only 8% of Americans who want to travel say they don't feel comfortable on any of the trips described in the survey even with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Desire to travel in 2021

And, for the first time in a long time, Americans can imagine booking trips with people outside the home. This week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that vaccinated people without a mask can enter with others.

For many people, the desire to get outside again with friends and family is strong.

Of those planning to travel in 2021 and planning to receive the vaccine or have already been vaccinated, 40% said they would like to travel with a spouse or partner, followed by immediate family members (30%) and friends (13%).

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