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Ryanair is the first in Europe to launch the Covid-19 Travel Wallet

TRAVEL NEWS – March 12, 2021: Ryanair has surprisingly quickly launched a new Covid-19 Travel Wallet available only in its app. Customers can now upload their negative PCR tests, their Covid-19 vaccination certificates and other documents that may be required for travel in the EU this summer.

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Return holiday trips in the EU

The successful rollout of Covid-19 vaccines will see the return of leisure travel in the EU in summer 2021, the airline said, and the Ryanair Covid Certificate Wallet will make EU air travel as seamless as possible.

Dara Brady, Ryanair Marketing Director, said: “We are very pleased to launch this Ryanair Covid-19 Travel Wallet as we prepare for the return of family holidays in the summer of 2021.

“Many Ryanair customers are going on holiday for the first time in over a year and are adhering to new travel guidelines. This Covid-19 Travel Wallet allows customers to store all their Covid-19 documents. PCR test results, passenger forms and vaccination certificates can all be stored in the app, in one location with no hassle or paperwork.”

He added: “Our summer schedules are already on sale – subject to changing government travel restrictions – and we believe that once Europe's at-risk/elderly population has been vaccinated by the end of May or June, travel restrictions will be eased, and air travel will bounce back from pent-up customer demand, driving European families to travel again.”

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Travel Pass and Digital Green Pass

IATA is also currently developing an industry-wide Travel pass which will perform a similar function to the reopening of travel. Earlier this week, the EU also announced that it was working on an EU standard, called the Digital Green Pass.

It is not yet known whether the Ryanair Travel Wallet meets or will meet the requirements of the EU that will be announced on March 17.

Source: Ryanair corporate
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