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Spain wants to admit tourists without a PCR test or vaccination certificate

TRAVEL NEWS – May 17, 2021: Spain already wants tourists from the as of May 20, 2021 United Kingdom allow without PCR test or vaccination certificate. The Spanish government also plans to quickly allow other countries with a low infection rate to return to Spain without a PCR test or vaccination certificate.

UPDATE – May 23, 2021 19:31 PM: Spain opens June 7 for vaccinated tourists from 34 countries. You can read all about it in this news article.

UPDATE – May 23, 2021 19:53 PM: Spain has confirmed that from Monday 24 May to allow travelers from the following countries to enter the country, even if they have not been vaccinated and without having to undergo health checks on arrival† These are the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, China and Japan. The Netherlands and Belgium are not yet included, although a number of European countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium, are expected to be added to the list soon.

From May 20th

From May 20, the government plans to admit tourists from countries outside and within the European Union with good status without requiring a negative PCR, even if they have not been vaccinated. This has been communicated by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés, in statements to Vozpopuli after a seminar on the European Parliament sector in Madrid.

Currently, with few exceptions, the European Union bans non-essential travel by passengers from countries not flying the EU flag, including the United Kingdom after Brexit. In addition, tourists from risk countries in the EU are currently still required to have a negative PCR test Discuss. However, this rule will be revised on May 20.

Negotiation with EU countries

The government is negotiating with the rest of the EU countries to make the current regulations more flexible and to open the borders to travelers from countries with a low infection rate and/or high vaccination coverage.

“Based on scientific evidence, travelers from countries with a relatively low incidence pose no risk. Those people won't be asked for a PCR test, it's a way to make transit easier," said Valdés.

Valdés underlined that this is not just limited to the UK, but to any country with good epidemiological data, such as Germany, The Netherlands en Switzerland.

Spain's borders must open again

As stated by the Secretary of State for Tourism, the government is calling for an end to the closure of the borders. Instead of closing the borders, other measures such as the covid passport whether mutual recognition should be introduced as soon as possible.

No more restrictions for the British

There are still restrictions for major countries such as the United Kingdom. The UK has historically been the most important country for Spain, with over 18 million Britons traveling to the country every year.

British tourists will therefore be able to come to Spain without a PCR test from May 20, and because the figures in the UK are below the range seen as dangerous, (around 50 cases per 100.000 people), the minister said in another press conference this week.

Spain willing to take risks

"According to epidemiologists, a safe person is defined if he has a negative PCR, if he has endured the disease or if it is found that he has been vaccinated," Valdés defended, citing the need to meet only one of the conditions. 

“In this life you have to take risks and with a population of which over 30% has already been vaccinated, we dare to take these risks”, added Valdes.

The government wants to restore tourism

The Ministry of Tourism in Spain has also launched an advertising campaign with immediate effect, for which it has allocated €8 million to attract international tourists and especially British tourists, Spain's main market. 

More clarity about easing for other countries within the EU is likely to become clear on or after May 20. So it remains to be seen whether The Netherlands belongs to the list of countries that will be allowed in Spain in the short term without a PCR test.

Source: vozpopuli.com
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