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Traveling to America? As of June 12, no more covid tests for the US!

TRAVEL NEWS – 10 June 2022: The US government has just issued a official press release announced that it will stop testing obligations for travelers visiting the country on June 12 (the day after tomorrow). From Sunday evening Dutch time it is no longer necessary to take a covid test before traveling to America.

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The news in brief

The Biden administration will drop Covid-12 tests for inbound air travelers from abroad on Sunday, June 19, ending one of the longest-running travel restrictions of the pandemic.

  • Travelers had to show proof of a negative test a day before flying to the US. This will expire.
  • The travel industry had repeatedly urged the government administration to drop the test requirement.
  • The change will take effect on Sunday at 12:01 a.m. ET (18:01 p.m. Dutch time).
Traveling to America without the tests, we should celebrate with the American flag!
Traveling to America without the tests, we should celebrate with the American flag!

Covid testing has long been mandatory in America

The rule was introduced by the Trump administration in early 2021. It was later tightened by the Biden administration. The tightening required incoming travelers, including US citizens, to show proof of a negative Covid test a day before boarding flights to the US. Travelers entering the US at land border crossings were all that time exempt.

The change will take effect on Sunday at 12:01 PM ET (18:01 PM Dutch time).

Chris – Wereldreizigers.nl
We receive and write this news with a smile on our face during our stay in Colorado, USA
We receive and write this news with a smile on our face during our stay in Colorado, USA

America one of the last to keep testing

Other countries, including the UK, virtually all of Europe and countless other countries had previously dropped access rules to Covid testing. America is one of the last western countries to have now announced the easing.

Vaccinations still mandatory

However, it is still a requirement to be fully vaccinated to be admitted to the United States of America. There are currently no plans to drop this requirement in the future. The situation will be closely monitored.

Our experience in America

Malou and I (Chris) from Wereldreizigers.nl have been traveling through the US for several months now. We started our journey at the beginning of March when in Europe was still busy with mouth caps, restrictions and other restrictive covid measures. At the time, covid tests were still mandatory for America before departure.

Our World Travelers 4x4 Motorhome in Colorado | United States
Our Dutch World Travelers 4×4 camper in Colorado | United States

When we set foot on American soil to our tour of America To start, we actually only saw measures in New York City at the airport and in public transport.

Manhattan at sunset from Top of the Rock
Sunset from Top of the Rock | Photo from New York City travel guide by Wereldreizigers.nl

Furthermore, we haven't heard anything from Covid in the country since then, except that you saw a free test location on the street here and there. Covid testing is still free in America to this day, but we don't really feel it is being used any more. It's almost as if covid doesn't exist here, except in the public transport of the big cities.

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Our journey through the United States and Canada

This article is part of a major one-year journey that we (Chris and Malou van Wereldreizigers.nl), are currently making by the United States en Canada† We started in New York City and are through Washington DC en Baltimore (where we shipped our RV), first traveled south (Florida) and then made a full round of the country.

Organizing this trip took a lot of time and energy. So we had to US B1/B2 visa of one year and we spent weeks working on it renovating our 4×4 camper† Then we got to work on the RV to America to ship and in hindsight it turned out to be a Dutch vehicle insurance in America to be one of the biggest challenges.

When that was all over, we could finally focus on the anticipation: figuring out and planning all the beautiful places we want to visit. I built the ultimate roadtrip route through America and Canada of roughly 50.000 kilometers in Google maps and we are now making our dream come true! The interactive map can be viewed below.

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  • Hello!

    I have a question. Is it true that you really only have to show a vaccination certificate to travel to the US? Furthermore, they do nothing in terms of corona checks? I want to make sure I'm fully prepared 🙂

  • Good morning!

    We are leaving for America next week! Are face masks still mandatory everywhere?



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