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Two-thirds of the Dutch want to go on a dream trip one day

TRAVEL NEWS – February 1, 2023: Making a dream trip is still on the bucket list of a large part of the Dutch. Two-thirds of the Dutch over-40s plan to make another dream trip. Hardly anyone considers themselves too old or physically unable to do so.

This is evident from a study by TravelEssence, a travel organization specialized in tailor-made trips to Australia and/or New Zealand. More than 1100 Dutch people aged 40 and older were asked if they would ever want to make another dream trip and what it would look like.

Work and children are not an obstacle

Of those surveyed, 62 percent plan to make such a trip. Men appear to be more eager to travel than women in this regard. Taking a dream trip is at the top of the bucket list among families with older and younger children and even eight out of ten households want it. Work is not a problem, because especially people with a full-time job think of a dream trip, the research shows. “Working from home and technological developments have given people the space to stay away longer. They can slow down and go off the beaten track to get more out of the locations they visit.” said Andrew Morten, founder of TravelEssence.

Travel-loving and vital elderly

More than 86 percent feel vital enough for such a long journey. People over 70 are still vital and eager to travel enough to make a dream trip. Only 31 percent of the over-70s consider themselves too old to make another dream trip. 

TravelEssence offers trips that people usually only make once in their lives. According to most respondents, a dream trip is a trip that visits several countries and cities. Six out of ten respondents would book a tailor-made trip for this purpose and two-thirds would book it with a travel organisation. This is seven out of ten travelers among the elderly. “As people grow up, they realize what they don't know,” says Andrew Morten. “They realize that a travel specialist has knowledge, unique experiences and places to stay that they simply don't know themselves. People have their dreams and it is our job to realize them perfectly.”

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