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Holidays 2023 | 17 days leave = 40 days off

TRAVEL NEWS – December 28, 2022: In recent years we unfortunately had to make do with unfavorable holidays that often fell on weekends. Fortunately, that will change in 2023. The holidays will be very favorable next year, so a perfect year to use your vacation days smartly. By taking the right days off in 2023, you will have a long holiday more often and more opportunities to take a break.

All statutory holidays in 2023:

Bank holidayDate(s)Day
New Year's DayJanuary 1 2023Sunday
Good FridayApril 7, 2023Friday
1st Easter dayApril 9, 2023Sunday
2st Easter dayApril 10, 2023Monday
King's dayApril 27, 2023Thursday
Liberation Day (no compulsory day off in 2023)May 5, 2023Friday
Ascension DayMay 18, 2023Thursday
1st day of PentecostMay 28, 2023Sunday
2st day of PentecostMay 29, 2023Monday
Christmas DayDecember 25 2023Monday
Christmas DayDecember 26 2023Tuesday
New Year's Day 2024January 1 2024Monday
Make optimal use of holidays and days off in 2023
Make optimal use of holidays and days off in 2023

17 days leave = 40 days off in 2023

To help you make 2023 a fantastic year, we recommend that you clear the dates below as soon as possible. In the Netherlands, the number of vacation days is legally set at 20 days. Most employers add at least 5 days to that and in many cases you also get ATV days. In short: even if you ask for all the days off proposed in this message, you still have vacation days left to plan freely. Request your days off tactically as soon as possible for more holiday in 2023!

Good Friday, Easter and Easter Monday (April 1-10 off)

Do you want to be free from 1 to 10 April? Good Friday, the first legal holiday after New Year's Day, falls on April 2023 in 7. Easter on April 9. By taking the following vacation days in 2023, you can make a move and enjoy 10 days of vacation.

  • April 3
  • April 4
  • April 5
  • April 6

By taking only four vacation days, you can therefore have 10 consecutive days off around Easter.

King's Day (24-30 April free)

Do you want to go out again after your 10-day holiday at the beginning of April? If you take the four days off below, you can go on holiday for another week.

  • April 24
  • April 25
  • April 26
  • April 28

If you take the above dates off, you can still travel for a whole week. That brings the month of April to a total of 18 days off, for half of the leave/vacation days.

Ascension Day and Pentecost (May 18-29 off)

But we're not there yet. To be free for 40 days for only 17 leave / vacation days in 2023, you take 6 days off at the end of the month of May in exchange for 12 vacation days.

  • May 19
  • May 22
  • May 23
  • May 24
  • May 25
  • May 26

You may also include the week of Ascension Day itself, then you get 15 days of rest for 9 vacation days in 2023.

Christmas and New Year (December 23 – January 2 off)

After 2 unhappy years, Christmas and New Year fortunately do not fall on a weekend in 2023. For only three vacation days you can take a well-deserved rest of 10 days.

  • December 27
  • December 28
  • December 29

In other words: you can actually go on holiday for 17 days in 40 with only 2023 vacation days. But it can get even crazier!

24 days leave = 49 days off in 2023

Do you want to go one step further? Then take a look at the option below. With this 24 days leave you have a total of 24 days off with 49 vacation days. That is more than 15% of the entire year that you are free!

  • April 4-5-6-7 = 1 week off
  • April 24-25-26-28 = 9 days off
  • May 15-16-17-19 = 1 week off*
  • 22-23-24-25-26 mei = 1 week off*
  • May 30-31 + June 1-2 = 1 week off*
  • December 27-28-29 = 10 days off

* These three weeks are consecutive. So you can here Be free for 3 consecutive weeks.

Make optimal use of holidays and days off in 2023
Make optimal use of holidays and days off in 2023

Save money by booking early

As always, it pays to book your flights and/or travel as far in advance as possible. This also applies to hotels and car rental! It will not be long before almost the whole of the Netherlands is aware of these holiday hacks for 2023. So book as soon as possible (and of course also close a Travel and cancellation insurance off) before prices skyrocket for these dates.

To help you on your way, we have collected a number of options for you below. look, compare and book quickly while prices are still low.

Travel in Europe

Below you will find the top 10 most popular booking sites in the Netherlands.

  1. TUI.nl – Click here for all offers.
  2. ANWB holidays – Click here for all offers.
  3. Pricefree.nl – Click here for all offers.
  4. Corendon.nl – Click here for all offers.
  5. OAD.nl – Click here for all offers.
  6. Sunweb.nl – Click here for all offers.
  7. Suntip.nl – Click here for all offers.
  8. Vakantieauctions.nl – Click here for all offers.
  9. Stipreizen.nl – Click here for all offers.
  10. Elizawashere.nl – Click here for all offers.

The booking sites below also have many nice and cheap destinations for 2023.

  • Nordic.nl (Iceland and Scandinavia) – Click here for all offers.
  • ACSIreizen.nl (camping trips) – Click here for all offers.
  • Campspace.com (camping and nature) – Click here for all offers.
  • Stipreizen.nl (cheap sun holidays) – Click here for all offers.
  • Sawadee.nl – click here for all offers.
  • Koningaap.nl – Click here for all offers.
  • Shoestring.nl – click here for all offers.
  • Djoser.nl – Click here for all offers.
  • Travelworld.nl – Click here for all offers.
  • Rickshawtravel.nl – Click here for all offers.
  • Yourway2go.nl – Click here for all offers.

Travel to the Caribbean

  • TUI.nl – (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) – Click here for all offers.
  • Rickshawtravel.nl (Cuba) – Click here for all offers.
  • Suntip.nl – Click here for all offers.
  • Pricefree.nl – Click here for all offers.
  • Rickshawtravel.nl (Cuba) – Click here for all offers.
  • Travelworld.nl – Click here for all offers.

Travel to the Middle East

Travel to Asia

Travel to Africa

Make optimal use of holidays and days off in 2023
Make optimal use of holidays and days off in 2023

Would you rather put together a trip in 2023 yourself?

Flight tickets

Train tickets

  • NSinternational.nl (international train journeys) – Click here for all offers.


Rent a car

  • Sunnycars.nl (Dutch, all-inclusive) – Click here for all offers.
  • Snappcar.nl (low budget) – Click here for all offers.
  • Rentcars.com (wide range) – Click here for all offers.
  • Alamo.com (large selection) – Click here for all offers.

Rent a camper



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