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World travelers survey: Are you vaccinated to be able to travel again?

TRAVEL NEWS – January 06, 2021: Wereldreizigers.nl asked her readers if they would be willing to get themselves vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to travel again. This question follows from the NOS message yesterday morning, in which respondents were asked about their general willingness to be vaccinated. In addition, the . announced IATA recently announced that it is a vaccination ePassport has developed, which suddenly seems a lot closer to a mandatory vaccination certificate. Wereldreizigers.nl was therefore curious about the sentiment among travel enthusiasts and went to investigate. The question was asked via various social media channels: Will you be vaccinated to be able to travel again?

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PCR test result on landing

More and more airlines are realizing that countries have strict requirements to receive passengers again. With ever-changing requirements and protocols, airlines are trying to convince governments that travel can be safely resumed. KLM and Delta Airlines have recently worked together with the Dutch government, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to deliver a comprehensive Covid-19 testing program that will allow eligible customers to be released from quarantine upon arrival, upon receipt of a negative PCR test result at the landing. Although the pilot is a success, it is a laborious process. A process that would be a thing of the past when you can simply reliably prove that you have been vaccinated.

ePassport with vaccine information

To simplify the current, complicated testing process, IATA has started developing a new ePassport. The IATA is the largest cooperative body of airlines in the world. They also want to store vaccination information from travelers with the innovative ePassport, and they are not alone in doing so. Also other big players are developing mobile apps with the aim of linking vaccination information to an identified person, for example via protocols such as DigiD. Being able to hand over vaccination information may become a requirement in order to be allowed to board the plane in the future.

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Different rules per country

Airlines Qantas Airways and Singapore Airlines have already openly responded to these developments and are embracing this new technology. The airlines hope that this new technology can simplify the process, so that free travel between different countries can be resumed more quickly.

The fact that the technology is being developed at a rapid pace does not necessarily mean that it will also be a requirement. Each country determines itself what the requirements are to enter the country. However, the general expectation in the travel industry is that many countries will impose vaccination requirements in order to get the tourism sector to restart in a safe manner. It will become clear in the course of 2021 which countries will or will not go along with this.

World Travelers Vaccination Survey

Now you know exactly why we've asked the question to our readers, let's move on to the results. There was a great response to the survey. A total of 21 people saw the survey call in 19.752 hours. There were 3.979 engagements such as likes and comments of which 2.284 provided a measurable answer to the question.

Survey results – number of votes

In total, more than 84,4% of respondents are positive about the Covid-19 vaccine to be allowed to travel again. 14,2% of the respondents absolutely do not want to be vaccinated, not even to be allowed to travel again. 1,4% remain neutral or do not know yet.

These are crisp, clear results. We would like to thank everyone for participating in this survey. It gives a good picture of the overall sentiment among travelers. The results of the survey are detailed below.

World travelers vaccination survey results - number of votes
Total votes: 2.284

Survey results – percentage for or against

Vaccination survey results in percentages - For, against or neutral
Results in percentages – For, against or neutral

Travelers positive about Covid-19 vaccination

Surveys and surveys sent out in the course of 2020 showed a growing mistrust in vaccinations. In November, confidence in Covid-19 vaccinations reached a all time low and only 60% of respondents were positive about Covid-19 vaccinations. We can now say that the percentage that is positive towards a Covid-19 vaccine has grown again. This is partly due to better information, such as the recent video by the University of the Netherlands.

The ever stricter measures imposed by the Dutch government may also play a role. Because we have been inside for so long without catering, sports and fun, people would like to go out again. In addition, many Dutch people have not been on holiday in 2020, which further fuels the urge for more freedoms. It is possible that the realization that without vaccination you will probably not be welcome in other countries, has contributed to the fact that general sentiment towards vaccination has become more positive in recent months.

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