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Create photo book | Help yourself through the winter with beautiful memories!

Extended lockdowns, ongoing travel restrictions and no real prospect of making new memories for now. So what should we do then? Make a photo book of course! Over the past few weeks I've been scouring through thousands of photos of travels I've been on over the years, but never really got around to sorting it out before. I saw this as the right time to do it, because well, plenty of time now that we are at home so much!

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Experiencing old memories

You know that feeling when you have 1000+ photos and videos from a trip that you have yet to sort out but don't feel like it? This is also recognizable for me, but I have recently found that you just have to get started. And you can also do that together with your (travel) partner!

We recently sat down together, connected the computer to the large TV and scrolled through old photos. Add a glass of wine and enjoy. In the meantime, we copy the nicest and most beautiful photos in a separate folder, because we want to make photo books.

It kind of felt like a date night. Now that we hadn't traveled for so long and the travel seemed so far away, it was wonderful to look at the old photos together and relive the moments again. How we felt, how we looked 10 kilos lighter (because well, coronakilos huh?), and what we all experienced.

This is how you pick photos

So are you, like us, dreading digging through that folder with thousands of photos and sorting it out? Just like us, just make it a 'night out'. Just take a vacation, right at home!

  • Plan (possibly together) a night off.
  • Get a nice glass of wine (or beer) at home.
  • Bring some nibbles, of course.
  • Get a big screen like a TV.
  • Sit comfortably on the couch with your mouse and keyboard.
  • Select a holiday for which you have yet to sort out the photos.
  • Enjoy all the fun pictures and videos.
  • Talk about the best moments of your trip.
  • And put the best photos aside in the meantime!

You will see that it really isn't a punishment to sort through photos in this way. In fact, we do this together once in a while and really enjoy it. Especially now that we can travel so little, it is extra fun to look back at your photos. You can then process the photos that you have set aside in beautiful photo albums.

Choose the right photo book

Now that you have collected all the most beautiful photos, you can start making a photo book another day. Don't worry, nowadays that is really no longer a punishment. The software that you can download to your computer to make photo albums is so good these days, that most of the work is already done for you. Select the entire folder you want to upload in the photo album, choose a format and design and hoppakeej, your book will be put together for you within minutes.

Of course you will want to move, delete or enlarge and reduce some photos afterwards. Or maybe add a nice text with a date or memories. This is also very easy these days, the software really helps you through the process.

Go for quality

And finally, if we can give one last tip: go for the largest and most beautiful photo books available. Yes, it costs a little more but it is really worth it. thick photo paper, high gloss photo paper, hard cover and large book sizes. Not only do they look good in your closet, you will not regret it despite the slightly higher price. We still regularly take old photo books out of the closet, some are almost 15 years old but still look beautiful. We are very happy that we went for the largest versions in the best quality at the time. The smaller and cheaper books (we have those too) really dwarf the books we didn't save on. Therefore, consider your choice carefully. First of all, have fun choosing!

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