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Electronic Gadget | 4x for traveling

We live in a digital age where our electronic gadgets are indispensable. It is clear that our smartphone cannot be missing when traveling, but there are also a number of other nice gadgets that make your trip a lot nicer. We tell you more about our 4 favorite electronic travel gadgets. 

gadget 1: Action camera

Traveling is experiencing and making memories. How nice is it if you can capture all the fun, special and crazy moments well? Very nice and valuable if you ask me. That is why an action camera is an indispensable gadget for traveling.  

An action camera is a lot smaller and lighter than traditional cameras, so it fits easily in your bag, and this gadget can take a beating. With various accessories you can attach the action camera to your helmet, chest or bag so that you can keep all your (sports activities can capture well. 'Aren't the images shaky then?' you may wonder. The answer is no: with the help of advanced stabilization technology, your images remain stable these days.

action camera gadget
Underwater photo taken with an action camera

And perhaps the best thing about an action camera: you can take it underwater (provided your model is equipped with a waterproof housing, of course). This way you can record all your underwater adventures.

gadget 2: Noise canceling headphones

The next gadget on our list is noise-reducing headphones, which can make your travel life a lot more enjoyable. Although you may intend in advance to always be social with your travel group or dorm mates, in reality it turns out that everyone has to / wants to withdraw from time to time. That can be very difficult at times hostels, where many travelers are always up for a chat and a drink. There is nothing better than closing yourself off by listening to your favorite music. If you wear headphones, other travelers will also understand that you want to be left alone for a while.?

Digital Nomad Life

Yes, there are also earphones, but they do not block all the noise from the outside world. Nowadays there are more and more digital nomads who combine online work and travel. When you want to concentrate on working in a hostel or cafe, noise canceling headphones are your savior. 

Gadget 3: Walkie-talkie

A walkie-talkie may not be an obvious gadget, but it is still very nice to take with you on a trip. Unless you're only going to big affluent cities, chances are you'll end up in places where there's no phone coverage or internet. Think of hikes in the mountains, a visit to the jungle or a small local village. Although you can also buy a local SIM card, this does not guarantee that you have coverage everywhere, and it is sometimes complicated to get a local SIM.  

gadget walkie-talkie
Walkie-talkies and walkie talkies

A walkie-talkie is an ideal gadget to be able to communicate with your travel group. The batteries of a walkie-talkie usually last up to 18 hours and provide coverage over an area of ​​about 1 to 2 kilometers. Not sure if you want to buy this gadget right away? No problem, you can also just rent radios.  

Festival or event

A walkie-talkie is not only a handy travel gadget, but also ideal to take with you to a festival or event. We all know it: you are on a site with hundreds or perhaps thousands of people and you have lost your friends. The network is overloaded so you can't communicate with your phone. How cool is it when you can still reach your friends via a walkie-talkie?!

gadget 4: E-reader

Having an E-reader is a must-have electronic gadget if, like me, you love reading. Carrying around all those heavy books in your backpack or suitcase? Not really handy… Especially when you travel for a longer period of time, and every kilo you take with you has to be carefully thought out. Moreover, you probably also want to take some souvenirs to the Netherlands. With an E-reader you save a lot of space, because you can put several books on this electronic gadget. In addition, most E-readers are made with a special LED so that you can read easily, even if the sun is shining on your screen. So ideal!

gadget e reader

Hostel library

You really don't want to distance yourself from physical books? Then choose one book that you will take with you on a trip, as soon as you have finished it, you can exchange it for another second-hand book. Many hostels offer a kind of mini library where travelers can leave and exchange books.

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