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6 fun things to do with your travel-loving partner in the Netherlands

Don't get us wrong, we are really far away world travel and discover undiscovered places, anywhere in the world! Sometimes sleeping on a mat in a hut in the jungle we cannot believe our happiness without luxury. But the fact that we can intensely enjoy zero comfort so far away doesn't mean that we don't spoil ourselves every now and then! In this article we have collected a number of fun things to do so that you and your partner always have something fun to do in the Netherlands. Whether it's an evening at home on the couch, or a nice hotel with a jacuzzi in the hotel room. These are 0,0 fun things to do with your partner in the Netherlands!

1. Book a lovely house in nature

Just offline for a while! In the middle of the forest a nice house in nature. Put that phone aside, take lovely walks in the Limburg forest. Are you looking for another topic to talk about while walking? There's nothing like talking and dreaming about your next long-haul trip!

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Cottage in Nature

2. Hold your own cheese, wine and beer tasting!

Bring abroad into your home! You really don't have to leave the house for a tasting. You can also taste delicious cheeses, wine or beer together at home. Go to the liquor store together and get some nice drinks advice there. A delicious wine from Chile, a Port from Porto, Belgian specialty beers and American IPAs. Buy some snacks such as French cheese and assess the wines or beers together.

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6 fun things to do with your travel-loving partner in the Netherlands 8

3. Book a hotel with a jacuzzi in the room

Book one hotel with jacuzzi in the room† Because that too is enjoying together. Just a luxury hotel room with all the trimmings. Nothing at all, a great breakfast every morning and taking a maximum of 1000 steps a day, just because you can! After you have spent the whole day relaxing with your buttocks in the Jacuzzi of your hotel room, you can enjoy a great sunset together during an evening walk.

Hotel with in-room Jacuzzi
Hotel with in-room Jacuzzi

4. Take a road trip

Relaxing in the Jacuzzi? Looking for something else to do? Then make a roadtrip† If you think of a roadtrip, many people will immediately think of the long routes in America† However, it is certainly also possible to The Netherlands a nice route to drive. This can be done, for example, through your own region, or through an area you've never been to. You'll find that there's a lot more to see than you thought. put a nice roadtrip playlist up, bring snacks for the road and you have a wonderful day.

5. Review your vacation photos and videos

There is nothing like an evening reminiscing about the beautiful journeys you have already made. Because let's be honest: how often do you look back at those thousands of photos and videos that you've taken while traveling over the years?

Pick an evening to bring back your best memories together. Connect your PC or laptop to the TV and enjoy the most beautiful destinations!

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El Nido, Philippines

6. Have a Hawaiian Themed Night

An original idea is to organize a theme evening together. How about a Hawaiian evening including a flower necklace, shorts, flip flops and a delicious cocktail? Turn up the heating a few degrees and watch a nice movie together, for example Couples retreat set on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

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Couples Retreat – Featured on NetFlix
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