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Relaxed on a flight holiday | 5 tips

Many people suffer from holiday stress. Perhaps the best form of stress you can have. Especially if you are going to make a long trip, there is a lot to prepare for. Flying to your destination can sometimes be a hassle. What time do you go to the airport? How do you get there? What can you bring? What time are you at your destination? We will give you a number of tips to ensure that the relaxation begins before you have actually left for your flight. You can read all about it in this article.

1. Book a direct flight

A switch can create the necessary tension; can you make the switch? Where should you go at the airport? Will my luggage be put on the other plane? If flying causes you the necessary stress, try to make sure you fly right away to avoid that stress.

| 5 tips for a relaxing holiday

Have you chosen a destination where there is no other option? Then make sure you book the flight with one airline. They then have the responsibility to get you on that next flight and are aware of your transfer in the event of any delays. This can prevent a lot of confusion and stress, in the unlikely event that something happens that causes the flight to be delayed or you miss the flight.

2. Pack well

I hear you thinking; logically. But did you know that most people tend to get stuck when packing? Do I have this? Do I have that? If that's you, then you'd better make sure you have all your stuff ready. Even if you still have to use your stuff just before departure, put it in your bag or suitcase. Is it so bad to live out of your bag for a day or two? Then you will at least find that what you need is packed.

Good packing prevents stress | 5 tips for a relaxing holiday

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Before your flight, make sure that your luggage is divided into hand luggage, check-in luggage and important items that you need to have at hand, such as your passport and plane ticket. Pay attention to the rules for luggage when flying, so that you are not still busy with your luggage at the airport. For example; how heavy can your luggage be? How much liquid can you take in your hand luggage and how should it be packed? There is nothing more annoying than having to unpack your entire bag or suitcase at the airport, because you still have large bottles of liquids in your hand luggage, for example. This is easily prevented with proper preparation.

Tip:: Something that always reassures me is a check. Do I have my passport, wallet (with credit card), telephone, medication and keys with me? Then it's okay… Everything else, which I might forget, is not insurmountable.

3. Park your car at the airport

Did you know that it is very easy and does not have to cost a lot? Certainly not if you buy some convenience for yourself with it. If you park your car at the airport you are no longer dependent on a taxi that may be late, others or public transport. Public transport in the Netherlands in particular is already a recipe for great potential stress when you go to the airport. Trains that are canceled or have significant delays can just mean missing your flight.

If you park your car at or near the airport, you don't have to think about it. No stress! Especially if you leave or arrive at night and even if you have a delay, you don't have to calculate how to get to the airport or back home. A nice thought.

Parking at the airport
Parking at the airport | 5 tips for a relaxing holiday

There are many providers of parking at the airport, which sometimes makes choosing difficult. Via Parkos you can compare different parking offers, for example a parking space at Eindhoven Airport but also at other airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, so that you can quickly and easily see where you are cheapest.

4. Book an overnight stay at the airport

Being near the airport well in time can also prevent some stress. Many airports have hotels in the area. Shuttle buses often run from these hotels back and forth between the hotel and the airport. Not only is it very convenient, but it also contributes to a relaxed feeling. Who doesn't love a nice hotel stay?

5. Arrange transport to your final destination

Of course you will be offered numerous options on arrival to get to your final destination, but do you still want to be confronted with choice stress at that moment? Do you take a taxi or public transport and how does that work in this country and what does it cost?

To arrive relaxed at your destination, it can be helpful to have this transport already arranged. If you stay overnight in a hotel, the hotel may organize (sometimes free) transport to and from the airport. Please contact the hotel or your travel agency about this.

There are also other options to arrange this. Sometimes it is already offered when you book your flight. Sometimes you can order a taxi via the website of the airport. Anyway, when this is arranged you will be relaxed in your airplane seat… Sit back and relax!

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