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On holiday with children? These are the trends for this summer

With spring already approaching, parents are already busy looking for possible holiday addresses for the summer† Corona is still something that brings some uncertainty, so holiday search trends are different this year. In Google Trends it is clearly visible that families with children are mainly looking for three specific types of holidays: child-friendly hotels, camper holidays and amusement park holidays. And preferably (reasonably) close to home, or at least on the mainland of Europe.

Kid Friendly Hotels

One traveler is looking for hotels without children because they like to seek peace and quiet, the other is looking for hotels with extra facilities for children so that the parents can also enjoy their well-deserved holiday. This year it is extra important for the parents to be able to enjoy themselves. Many parents have worked from home for months and, due to the closure of schools, also have to take care of the children and supervise home lessons at the same time.

Kid Friendly Hotels | Holiday with children | Trends
Kid Friendly Hotels | Holiday with children | Trends

Mum and dad are also ready for a holiday, so the search for child-friendly hotels is already reaching record heights. Are you also looking for children's hotels and/or child-friendly hotels? Then save yourself the trouble, you don't have to figure it all out yourself. Lekkerwegtips.nl recently posted a whole list of kid-friendly hotels that are worth considering.

Motorhome holidays

A motorhome means freedom. A camper makes holidays in your own bubble possible, even during corona. That is why a bizarre run on motorhomes started at the end of last year, a trend that seems to continue in 2021.

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Motorhome | Holiday with children | Trends
Motorhome | Holiday with children | Trends

Unfortunately, it is currently very difficult to get a camper for this summer, according to a recent news item on NU.nl.

”In the past two months, 13 percent more new motorhomes were registered in the Netherlands than in the same period a year earlier. More used motorhomes were also sold by the specialist trade. BOVAG and data provider RDC will announce this on Tuesday.”

“With the prospect that camping will also be an attractive and especially corona-proof holiday alternative for many this year and with the reopening of showrooms - by appointment - from Wednesday 3 March, it is expected that interest in motorhomes and caravans will be high in the coming period. According to the trade association.

Motorhome | Holiday with children | Trends
Motorhome | Holiday with children | Trends

Unfortunately, due to the high demand, prices for motorhomes have already risen enormously in recent months. Finding a good motorhome for a reasonable price will therefore be a challenge. If you want to go on holiday with a camper this year and are a bit handy, it might be better to choose to build one yourself. If you have inspiration for that and are looking for information, read our article: How to: Buy or convert a campervan.

Amusement Park Holidays

Finally, there are the amusement park holidays. These have also become extremely popular, which we see in the search trends of Google. In many ways it is comparable to a child-friendly hotel holiday, but with a nice extra: a great amusement park.

Amusement park holidays | Holiday with children | Trends
Amusement park holidays | Holiday with children | Trends

Many Dutch people are currently looking for amusement park holidays with our eastern neighbors. Germany has theme and amusement parks that attract more than a million visitors a year: Europa Park, Phantasialand, Movie Park Germany, Heidepark, Legoland, Hansa-Park and Holiday Park. All these amusement parks are ideal for a holiday with children.

Do you want to know more about these amusement parks? Read our extensive article about the largest and nicest theme amusement parks in Germany.

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