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Planning a long trip? Then make sure you have good travel insurance

A long journey or travel the world is for many a dream and fortunately for others also a dream that one day come true. Discover the most beautiful places, meet people from all parts of the world and attend many great parties. But traveling around the world is more than that. Sometimes you have to deal with setbacks. A missed flight, a destination is not at all what you expected or you will have to deal with an accident. In those cases, good travel insurance can ensure that you experience a lot less stress.

Good preparation is important

An accident is just around the corner. Those who travel a lot regularly meet fellow travelers who have already had an accident on the way. Think, for example, of a jellyfish bite, a fall with a scooter or becoming ill, such as getting malaria. These are things you really don't want to think about when you are planning a world trip, or are already on the road. However, it is even more annoying if you encounter it along the way and are not properly prepared for it. You want to be helped in times of crisis, and not have to find out first whether you are entitled to help. A good one Travel Insurance Closing before you leave is therefore also an important part of planning your world trip.

What travel insurance policies are there?

But then comes the tricky part: which travel insurance should I take out for a long trip or world trip? To make this a little easier, you can read here which types of travel insurance there are and why a good one Travel Insurance is important, especially for long-distance and world travel.

When choosing travel insurance, there are many things to keep in mind so that you choose an insurance policy that fits well with your plans. For starters, it's good to know how long you'll be traveling, how often, where you're going and whether you want to work. Do you know what you are looking for in a travel insurance policy? Then you can compare travel insurance policies online to see which travel insurance suits you best. Before you take out insurance, of course, also check the small letters, the policy conditions.

What should you pay attention to?

If you are going on a world trip, there are various special world and travel insurance policies available. These are well geared to the activities that you undertake during a trip around the world. When taking out travel insurance for your world trip, it is in any case important that you pay attention to the following points:

  • How long does the insurance apply?
  • Are incidents in dangerous sports, including diving, for example, reimbursed?
  • Are you worldwide insured or only in Europe?
  • Does the insurance match your trip and your luggage? For example, are you traveling with expensive photography equipment that you want insured?
  • Are you not double insured? For example, medical costs abroad are often reimbursed by your health insurance. You can just keep it if you're back in a year The Netherlands† Take a good look at what exactly you need to cover.
  • Which countries are you going to? In some countries, such as the USAhealth care costs are very high. Make sure your insurance covers those costs, should something happen.
  • Is there a deductible on your insurance and if so, how high is it?
  • The price. It is a shame to pay too much and it is therefore good to compare different providers.

Travel insurance arranged? Go plan your world trip!

Now that you've got some decent travel insurance, you can of course move on to preparing and planning your world trip. The best part of your world trip has already started, the anticipation! For example, think about the best backpack landing to visit, or how to make a lot of money fast save for your world trip.

Do you still have doubts? Read the blog with 10 reasons why a trip around the world is good for your future and career† As with anything in life, a worldly journey will require you to work hard. You will have to free up time, prepare important things. Once you've started doing that, there's no stopping it. Take that world trip!

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