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What do you and don't you take with you on a trip to warm countries? † 4 tips

You almost always take too much with you when you travel. Even as a fairly experienced world traveler, I keep making this mistake. It seems like something human, something psychological or sociological; that we people experience something to hold on to by having (with) stuff. Do you always carry too many coats, hoodies and shoes with you to warm countries? Do you also have difficulty closing your suitcase or backpack? Read our advice below not to pack too much and the right things.

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1. Leave your coat at home

On the way to the airport nine times out of ten it will probably still be cold in The Netherlands, but do you really want to lug your jacket with you with 30+ degrees? Or have to fold or cram it up again and again to get it in your luggage? Our solution is; do not bring a jacket but a hoodie. Hoodies are sufficiently warm and functional, even when you are at your destination. In addition, a hoodie is pleasant to fold. See below how exactly I do that.

Tip: Are you not in possession of a good hoodie yet? Then look here for mens hoodies of the best brands.

2. Pick two pairs of your best shoes

Choose one pair that you can walk in for a long time and that are comfortable. It sounds so simple, but it often isn't. We are often inclined to also look at the appearance of the shoes and whether they match the clothes we have with us. In addition, we also think ahead, such as: What if I go out for a night? For example, I once carried a pair of heels in my backpack for three months… I ended up wearing these for 1 (!) evening!

I now always opt for my walking shoes, sneakers and (okay then, still a pair of) slippers. In the end I experience that I have the slippers on my feet 95% of the time. Delicious!

3. The Rule of 5

Even though I've heard about the rule a dozen times, I just can't stick to it. Only when I am traveling do I notice that this could have been easily done. No more than 5 of anything. You do what you like best and/or is most comfortable. I would say, make sure you can last about a week with what you carry with you. To make it even more specific, I would advise for men:

  • 5 T shirts
  • 3 shorts
  • 1 hoodie
  • 1 long pants
  • 7 boxers/underpants

For women, I recommend a little more, because these clothes often take up less space:

  • 5 T shirts
  • 5 tops
  • 1 hoodie
  • 1 long pants and/or leggings
  • 3 bras
  • 7 panties
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What do you do and do not take with you when traveling to hot countries? | 4 tips 9

4. Realize what really matters

Still not sure if you have enough? Do you keep checking to see if you've forgotten anything? Then prioritize!

You really can't do without your passport, wallet, telephone and any medication. In some warm countries, the use of sunscreen and/or anti-insect spray is not common. These resources are therefore important to pack. The rest of what you take with you is for sale (unless you go to one of the most remote areas). Yes, it's annoying when you have to look for it, but it's not insurmountable. When you realize this, you will find the peace to be able to say that you are ready.

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