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What to do in the event of a breakdown with the motorhome | Our experience and tips

Over the past few weeks we have enjoyed going through the Algarve traveled. Due to the low infection rate here, corona has only a limited influence on our journey. It is simply possible to grab a terrace here and all shops are open. Until we had bad luck with the camper, visits to the countless Portuguese villages with typical 'white houses with orange roofs' had become a regular part. And to cafe (coffee) and custard tart can be ordered on a sunny terrace! In this blog we tell you how we had bad luck with the motorhome and we give a number of tips: what to do in the event of a breakdown with the motorhome.

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Bad luck with the camper

Unfortunately, the joy of relative corona freedom and the beautiful weather is currently overshadowed by the fact that our Fordtress (our camper) had bad luck last week. Of course this happened at a time when it was just not convenient, namely on Friday afternoon 13:00 pm. With a weekend ahead of us, it was not possible until Monday to look for the problem. The problem has been found in the meantime, the repair is only pending because we are still investigating whether the repair costs are realistic (in other words, we will not be put out of business). Hopefully we'll be back on the road with our next blog!

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Bad luck with the camper, but we remain positive!
Bad luck with the camper, but we remain positive!
There goes our Fordtress camper bus
There goes our Fordtress camper bus

Because it is unfortunately the bitter reality for many future motorhome owners to come to a standstill at some point, we share a number of tips based on our own experience what to do in the event of a breakdown with the motorhome.

Tips what to do in the event of a breakdown with the camper

  1. Roadside assistance insurance – Before you go on a motorhome trip, accept that it can happen to you sooner or later. In other words, think about the type of roadside assistance insurance that gives you the best feeling.
  2. Safety is paramount – After your motorhome stops, make sure you are in a safe place; only then take action;
  3. Yellow vests and warning triangle – Always have enough yellow reflective vests with you when traveling and make sure that these, including the warning triangle, are within reach;
  4. Call your roadside assistance – We are insured through ANWB, where we have Europe coverage and camper module. They ensure that a mechanic comes on site and that your motorhome is taken to a garage, if necessary, where it can be repaired;
  5. use google translate – if you do not speak the local language. Ideal for talking to the mechanic who will pick up your stranded camper;
  6. Inform your travel insurance – report what is going on with both your breakdown assistance and your travel insurance. You can only claim costs afterwards if you make a report;
  7. Temporary transport – If you are entitled to (temporary) replacement transport: use the website of Cardel Mar † here you can rent cars very cheaply from the well-known car rental companies;
  8. Garage diagnosis – If the foreign garage comes with a diagnosis, you can ask your Dutch garage whether they consider the diagnosis & price indication logical. There is a good chance that the mechanic of your own garage knows the condition of your motorhome. That way you have a kind of second opinion on what the local garage will charge for price.
  9. Check cost specification – Do you not trust the cost? Request a specification of the costs, so that you can check it yourself (online).

Bought a drone

In the previous blog we indicated that we would stay a little longer in the Algarve, partly because we were expecting an important postal package. It has now arrived. We have recently become proud owners of a real drone!

Drone photo at Lagos, Ponta da Piedade
Drone photo at Lagos, Ponta da Piedade

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