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What mistakes to avoid during your roadtrip?

Are you planning to have a in the summer of 2021? world trip to make in your own car? Very nice! But, make sure you are also well prepared. After all, you don't want to be faced with unpleasant surprises while you're on your way to your next destination. You should therefore certainly not make mistakes. So you should definitely avoid the mistakes below during your roadtrip. 

Do not prepare the car for the roadtrip

During a long roadtrip can your car be your best friend or your worst enemy. To increase your chances of the former, schedule a full tune-up a week or two before you go. By having a professional check your oil and tire pressure and to make sure that your battery, brakes and engine are working properly, you avoid standing on the side of the road within a few hours with a broken car and having to call the ANWB for a repair. tow truck. je car insurance is of course also important. je take out car insurance so you should definitely do it before you travel in your four-wheeler.

Do not bring a cool box with food and drinks

Chances are, there are plenty of gas stations and fast food outlets along the way, but a trip with burgers, chips, sweets, and chips isn't exactly going to be right for you. Moreover, this will also cost a lot of money, which no one is waiting for. So pack a cool box with, for example, pre-cut fruit and vegetables, nuts, sandwiches and of course some healthy snacks. So this is a lot healthier, while it also costs less money. Also, don't forget to bring a drink when you're on roadtrip go. Sustainable bottles are definitely recommended, you can always refill these bottles with water. 

Plan everything before you travel

One of the best aspects of a roadtrip is the ability to stop, explore, and travel elsewhere at any time. Once you've planned your trip, you can always deviate from your plan, but it's still a good idea to do some research beforehand to get the most out of your trip. As a result, you already know exactly where you want to go, but there is a good chance that you will also have some unexpected stops along the way. So keep room for this when planning your roadtrip.

Leaving the house without an emergency kit

Don't leave home without preparing for some common accidents during the roadtrip† Of course you are not supposed to need this emergency kit, but you better take it with you. For example, you should bring jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, a flashlight with batteries, a car battery charger, some food and drink, first aid supplies, painkillers, bandages and scissors during your trip. car trip† If something goes wrong during your roadtrip then chances are you have something in your emergency kit that can solve this problem. 

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