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Enjoy Lake Garda to the maximum | 5 tips

The largest lake of Italy is a popular holiday destination and we are of course talking about it Lake Garda. Surrounded by a picturesque landscape, beautiful valleys and authentic villages, this lake is a great place to explore. Below are 5 tips if you are planning to visit Lake Garda.

Tip 1: Enjoy the most beautiful beaches

Lago di Garda, as the Italians call Lake Garda, is a popular destination among local residents as well as tourists. Although there are only two really large sandy beaches (Lido degli Ulivic en Lido Azzurro), there are plenty of beautiful pebble beaches. You can actually visit a different beach or bay every day of your holiday, where there are even spots where hardly anyone else is. Don't forget to bring your water shoes, because sometimes it can be difficult to get into the water with your bare feet. Because Lake Garda is surrounded by nature, there are many natural shady spots to be found. Very handy if you spend a day at the beach with small children Lake Garda wants to stay.

Tip 2: Enjoy water activities

Explore Lake Garda in a completely different way, by actually getting out on the water. For example, rent a boat, such as a sailboat or a motorboat. Even if you don't have a boat license, you can rent a boat without a skipper. With a smaller budget you can also do all kinds of things on the water, such as supping. There are several places where you can rent a supboard, with or without a guide. Other water activities to enjoy on Lake Garda are: canoeing, water skiing and canyoning, the latter activity is for the real adventurers.

Tip 3: Camping on Lake Garda

Consider camping on Lake Garda, rather than booking a cottage or hotel. There are many beautiful campsites to be found, from family campsites including a water park to small-scale campsites in the middle of nature, and even campsites where pets are allowed. So that your four-legged friend can also enjoy the holiday. Camping is an easy way to explore multiple places around Lake Garda by choosing multiple campsites. Don't own a tent or caravan? That's no problem either, because a lot Campsites Lake Garda offer bungalow tents and/or mobile homes.

Tip 4: Follow a cooking workshop

One of the reasons to go on holiday to Italy is of course the delicious food. From crispy pizzas to authentic pasta and delicious tiramisu, Italy has something to offer for young and old. Although there are many cozy restaurants around Lake Garda, you can also choose to follow an Italian cooking workshop. This way you can give those who stay at home a bit of a taste of La Bella Italia after your holiday.

Tip 5: Choose the train

Most people choose to travel to Lake Garda by car or plane. However, you can also travel to this destination by train, via Milan. It is a cheap way of traveling, where you have to plan a bit more in advance than if you choose to go by car. But once you're on the road, you can enjoy the view, read a lovely book or play a game with the kids. And if you still miss the freedom of the car when you've arrived, you can always have another renting a car to explore the nicest places around Lake Garda.

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