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CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA ? † Help each other! ❤ Now that the corona measures are slowly relaxing in many places, we see many country-specific questions about border crossings, any rules, etc. If you are looking for answers, ask your question in one of the country-specific Facebook groups below. ?

South America, one of the most diverse continents on this globe. Just imagine: a tour through the Argentine wine region Mendoza, the pleasant chaos in the city center of Brazilian São Paulo or an overnight stay with the Indians deep in the jungle of Colombia† South America surprises and warms. This continent is home to temperamental people with a heart for their country and a heart for nature. Culture is deeply engrained in the corazón of South Americans, be they Argentinians, Bolivians, Chileans or Venezuelans. Each country leaves an indelible impression through its warmth and diversity.

From beach to rainforest

A journey through this continent takes you from tropical rainforests and native Indians to the ruins of the Incas and the special flora and fauna of Patagonia. With the rugged Andes mountains on the west coast and the snow-white beaches of Brazil on the east coast, South America has all the ingredients for a worldly trip. In the southernmost tip of the continent you can even catch a glimpse of Antarctica.

Spanish and Portuguese

The smaller countries are also worth a visit. Venezuela, Suriname and Guyana are special areas in this beautiful continent. Of course, the pleasant temperature does a lot of good. Everywhere you will find the legacy of Portuguese and Spanish explorers. The sultry language, the delicious food and the blazing passion can be found everywhere, both in the back streets of Caracas and on the mountain tops of the Andes. vamos!

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